The Lions of Sicily made their voices heard

The Lions of Sicily

The Lions of Sicily is the new Italian original series that will soon land on Disney+. From the director Paolo Genovesewho is also a creative producer, is producing the eight-part series Francis And Federico Scardamaglia For Leone Cinematographic Company and from Raffaella Leone And Marco Belardi For Lotus Productionsa company Leone Film Group. The Lions of Sicily is a series written by Ludovica Rampoldi And Stefano Sardo and taken from the bestseller of the same name by Stefania Auci.

The Lions of Sicily

The series The Lions of Sicily tells the gripping story of Florio family. brothers Paul And Ignatius there are two small spice dealers escaped one Calabria anchored in the past and looking for social redemption. In Sicily They invent a future by assuming one run down shop They give life a thriving business The the young son from Paul, Vincentwith his revolutionary ideas, it will then turn into an empire.

However, life can be overwhelming Vincentand that of the whole family the explosive arrival of Giuliaa strong and intelligent woman, in contrast to the rigid rules of society at the time. The Lions of Sicily It’s an epic Love, Family, successes, wars And revolutionsThe Takes place in Sicily of the nineteenth century until the unification of Italy in 1861.

The series stars Michele Riondino in the role of Vincenzo Florio, Miriam Leone in that of Giulia Portalupi, Donatella Finocchiaro in that of Josephine, Vinicio Marchioni in the role of Paolo Florio, Eduardo Scarpetta in the role of Ignazio Florio (Son of Vincenzo), Paolo Briguglia in that of Ignazio Florio, Esther Pantano in the role of Giuseppina young And Adele Cammarata in that of Giovanna D’Ondes.

The Lions of Sicily

Last“, the new single from Laura Pausini and that End credits song from all eight episodes of the series. The song will be too also available in the Spanish versionjustified “Durar“, choosing the tone of the episodes in Spanish.

The series was Premiered At the eighteenth edition from that Film festival From Rome and he will have his official debut on Wednesday, October 25th exclusively on Disney+ In Italy with me first 4 episodeswhile I the remaining four will be available from November 1st. The series will be available on Hulu in the United StatesAt Star+ In Latin America come on Disney+ In all other areas.


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