Project Downfall: a new cyberpunk-style FPS

Project demise

Project demise is an FPS with specific graphics in the world of Cyberpunk and especially in the new “New Russian Federation“, a fearsome alliance of Eastern European states that threatens the stability of the continent. To put an end to the conflicts, the megacity was built Crimson Tide, a free city where everyone can live in peace. The player is catapulted into the role of a ruthless killer, similar to a John Wick of the future, with a very disturbed and conflicted life: thanks to his incredible abilities we will be able to face countless enemies.

Project demise

Crimson TideUnfortunately, it is soon undermined by powerful forces and citizens’ minds are manipulated, allowing corruption and crime to spread. We will find ourselves in the position of one Company employeesprivileged in the eyes of many and full of powers and upgrades which will make him the hero of Crimson Tide, or his fearsome bully. The history of Project demise offers 12 different endings based on the player’s different choices.

The main features of Project demise I am:
  • Retro style mixed with it Cyberpunk;
  • wide range of weapons use and throw;
  • Play style dynamic;
  • Story based on player decisions;
  • Music energetic; energetic;
  • Lighting system for Nintendo Switch.

A new story trailer is here Flashbacks 2don’t miss thisArticle!

The article “Project Downfall: a new Cyberpunk style fps” first appeared in VIGAMUS Magazine – the magazine about the world of video games.

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