Cuphead Receives Transmedia Award at Cartoons on the Bay

Cartoons on the Bay

Saturday June 3, 2023, last date from Cartoons on the BayIt was a day full of activities and interesting panels, such as the handover of the Pulcinella Transmedia Awardintended for the game cupheads. The ceremony was masterfully conducted by the director Marco Accordi Rickardswas present from Maya Moldenhauer, Studio Head and Executive Producer of MDHR studyAnd Chad Moldenhauer, co-founder of MDHR study.

After the award ceremony, the jury continued with a long speech from the insiders, which allowed us to observe this mammoth work more closely. cupheads It’s a gem often picked up and copied by other development studios, able to convey the originality, fluidity and mechanics of a game today with the style and soul of a 1930’s film. So the title is not just a game, but a conglomeration of different arts and influences, characterized by a single common thread: the interactivity that only a video game can offer.

Cartoons on the Bay

Here is another interesting panel dedicated to this topic unreal engine and innovation, don’t miss outArticle!

The Cuphead entry receives the Transmedia Award in the first call of Cartoons on the Bay in VIGAMUS Magazine – the magazine about the world of video games.

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