Grinch: Christmas is just around the corner… or maybe not?


Today, Friday, October 13, 2023the colorful goes on sale Game inspired by the stories of Dr. Seuss, “The Grinch: Christmas Adventures”.

This is a revision of the original story originally published in 1957 and that fascinated millions of young people at the time: The Grinch phenomenon has become a true Christmas icon these days. With such success that it has been transferred to numerous areas such as books, films and video games.


In “The Grinch: Christmas Adventures” We will play the role Grinch in his absurd mission aimed at stopping Christmas and stealing the gifts of the residents of Chinonso ruin the vacation. Between adventures and 2D platforming, the player must collect puzzle pieces to unlock abilities and upgrades that will facilitate the realization of his evil plan.

A loyal ally of our company will be Max, our four-legged friend. Can be used by a second player in cooperative mode.


Among the upgrades that we can obtain in the game we find, for example, this Santa Claus costume, useful for camouflage, or lo and behold snowboarding, to progress faster and improve the exploration phase.Can you cancel the party as planned or will the Christmas spirit change your mind?


The new trailer is here Flashbacks 2don’t miss ours Article!

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