NumeN: new video game project from AgeofGames


The award-winning author collectiveCyberScrivensproudly announces the adaptation of his first science fiction novel: “NumeN – Bet on the end of the world“, in a video game experience. It will be a real one Fusion between literature and interactive entertainment that combines classic narrative with the well-known features of Role playing gamesa…Create Cross-media project destined to fascinate both science fiction and fantasy fans and fans narrative and RPG video games.


NumberN It will be a narrative role-playing game set in a futuristic and parallel Earth dimension in which we will find ourselves ONav“Dream navigators who will reach another universe”psycho-astral” and material through the use of mystery CyberBody. This immersive experience will allow them to influence past, present and future events and shape alternative realities with their choices and inculcated will CyberDream areas.

We will discover megacities obscured by energy barriers constructed to prevent total destruction Storms of judgment. We will explore Europe at the time of Holy Democracy and navigate through the infinite space of dreams of all places and eras of stories in human history. Around us there will be a world destroyed by endless wars to conquer the mines of alien gold. A world forced to live in a rigid pyramid society dominated by Theoscience and the cybernetic armies of the Highbreed aristocracy.


To enter this universe, one must undergo a psychoastral test and then enlist in the multidimensional army Cyber ​​Marxism, the New Holy Democracy or the Knights of the Absolute. If we want to find out who we really are in this and many other realities, we connect our minds to the universe of NumberN and let’s get started with CyberDreaming!

To make this project a reality,CyberScrivenswill soon launch a crowdfunding campaignKickstarter. This opportunity allows fans and supporters to become an integral part of the development of the video game and help shape the narrative and gameplay of the entire work. Here You can read our article about the latest title published by AgeofGames.

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