Apulia Digital Experience 2023 opens its doors

Puglia Digital Experience 2023

There Puglia opens the doors of HADES, Puglia Digital Experience 2023the first International conference made in Italy dedicated on digital innovation in the creative industry. The conference will take place in Bari from that November 10th to 12thwith the joint organization of Puglia Film Commission And Rai Comunder the Artistic Director From Roberto Genovesifinanced by Puglia region and supported by Rai.

As already mentioned, under the direction of Puglia Film Commission And Rai Com, Puglia Digital Experience 2023 promises an exceptional platform to promote innovation, knowledge exchange and creativity development, as well as an event capable of doing so bring companies together and professionals out of all creative industrieswith the Scope From Define the meeting points with technology and stimulate innovation.

The aim of the event is embody the essence of digital creativity, the interactivity And of technology. From gaming, to cinema, audiovisual, art and branding to the frontiers of digital innovation, Web3, metaverses and artificial intelligence, Apulia Digital Experience 2023 promises to be the beating heart of the creative world on the second weekend of November.

Puglia Digital Experience 2023

It’s about 3 days full of Immerse yourself with constants panel, Keynotes And presentationsas well as exclusive and detailed meetings with leading personalities from the various digital and creative areas. No doubt a networking opportunity without equal for Companies, professionals And creative where they can Foster collaborations and imagine the future of the industry. There Pugliawith her rich cultural heritage It is a careful commitment to innovationprovides the perfect backdrop to create a new convergence of talent in the beautiful city Bari For Redefine the industry’s development opportunities.

In a special segment Puglia Digital Experience 2023 directs his attention Israel, Host country of this first edition. A nation that was at the forefront of advances in artificial intelligence over the last decadewith an ever-growing group of Startups regarding the AI topic that continue to thrive Israel. The event presents Industry leaders highlighted Israeli artificial intelligence Exchange ideas and promote networking with Italian technology startups.

The first day The event will captivate the participants into the fascinating world of video gamesin collaboration with VGHC Video games and high culturean integral part ofPuglia Digital Experience 2023. The program opens conversations about the interface between video games and high culturewith a in-depth study of the history and development of video game artenriched with ideas from professionals, pedagogues And Researchers in the industry. This first year the focus will be primarily on the history of History of video gameswhich underlines what this medium is capable of form, inform And spread Awareness of the past.

Puglia Digital Experience 2023

As the program progresses, Puglia Digital Experience 2023 will explore this complicated connection between technological progress and creative industry. A rich program panel, Keynotes And Interviewsenriched by interactive question and answer sessions with ideas from well-known characters in animation, VFX, Gaming, Metaverse, Art, Branding, Cinema and audiovisual media And AI. An analytical discussion of the challenges and opportunities that technology brings across industries An in-depth look at how digital transformations are changing the world of cinema, of the audiovisual, of brand storytelling And the art.

The program is enriched by two competitions. Competition “Telling Puglia with AI” is dedicated to Italian authors and creatives and promotes the creation of projects to present, enhance and disseminate the region’s artistic, cultural and tourist heritage Puglia region by creating digital products based on the use of artificial intelligence. THE Digital Licensing Excellence Awardsorganized in collaboration with Licensing Italy And Licensing Internationalcelebrate companies, brands, influencers and content creators who have succeeded in innovating the world of licensing by exploring the digital universe.

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