Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2023: Latest news and new guests


Just as the digital age allows you to access any form of entertainment in moments MILAN GAMES WEEK & CARTOOMICS 2023 in collaboration withMilan FairAndFandango Club founderis preparing to collect the passions and stories of gamers, readers and dreamers from around the world and breathe life into a space that wants to become aUniversal incubatorof pop expression. Under these conditions, the highly anticipated event, which combines the tangible and the virtual in a three-day event, returns again this year with all the conditions to guarantee unforgettable experiences thanks to the many innovations planned. First, a new configuration of rooms that expand their area4 pavilionsgood coverage8000 m2more than the last edition and leaves plenty of space for the many guests from the world of video games, comics, board games and even cinema.
Innovation comes from tradition andMilan Games Week and Cartoomicsthat’s it too. The area bears witness to thisPlanet Comics & Books, the unique space for authors, designers and illustrators that will host national and international personalities over the days thanks to the presence of prominent publishers. According to those already announced Shinichi Ishizuka, Chris Claremont, Esad Ribic And Masaru KitaoFurther names enrich the cast of international guests. The news starts withWelding presswhich returns this year with an extraordinary guest: the mangaka will be present for the first time in ItalySergeiAuthor ofKuma Kuma Kuma Bearone of the most popular manga of the moment, having already sold almost three million copies in Japan.Mondadoriwill host the English writerSamantha ShannonAuthor of dystopian and fantasy novels who aMilan Games Week and Cartoomicsthe eagerly awaited oneA day of falling nightedited by Oscar Mondadori, the new novel set in the same world asThe Priory of the Orange Tree.Salani Publishingwill celebrate that25th anniversaryof the literary phenomenonHarry PotterHostingArch Apolarthe Thai illustrator who designed the magnificent covers of the exclusive 25th anniversary edition will be present every three days to sign the must-have collection.


With the aim of involving an ever wider audience and expanding the cultural offering MILAN GAMES WEEK & CARTOOMICS 2023the event will host an exciting event within the event: in fact, it is bornFantasticon Film Fest(FFF), the new festival dedicated to the world of cinema that will take place within theAuditorium of the Fiera Milano Rho, screening of anime, fantasy and horror films in a 900-seat cinema equipped with the latest generation equipment. Organized byechoAndMilan Fairand with the artistic direction ofManlio GomarascaThe aim of the FFF is to offer both fans of all ages and new, curious viewers a unique cinema experience that lasts until late in the eveningpanelAndMaster classfor all three days. InternallyTime scheduleof the festival have already been confirmed as unmissablenational previewslike animeBlue giantbased on the manga byShinichi IshizukaAndCity Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust, the new cult film of the 80s. For horror fans, however, the screening of is on the programSlotherhouseAndThe fountainthe latest production ofFederico Zampaglione, also on the special guests list. Finally, the first confirmed guests wereLamberto Bavathe famous filmmakerDario Argentoto whom theLegend Awardand meManetti brothers.with a special event dedicatedDiabolik.Further information for all cinephiles who do not want to miss this event can be found
Fantasticon Film Fest
Also board games, timeless gaming experience in passionate expansion in recent years, will be the undisputed protagonists of MILAN GAMES WEEK & CARTOOMICS 2023. The brand new areaNot connectedwill welcome the major board game publishers with many exclusive offers. First of all, offered byRavensburgerthe expansion of the trading card gameDisney, Lorcana – Rise of the Floodborn,Available for purchase directly at the trade fair in absolute preview. A surprise from the YouTuber for card game fansLyons: The content creator will present “horde“, the latest trading card game he developed and produced. In addition, throughout the area it will be possible to get lost among the spectacular stands that await all visitors for unforgettable games and convivial moments.
Music joins gamingCentral stage! In addition to the numerous exhibitions, there is enough space for news from the world of video games. For fans of fighting games, there’s a gameplay preview fromTekken 8It will be shown during the event by industry experts who will interview key figures from the world of Italian and international development on the same stage. To the guests mentioned aboveSebastian KalembaAndPatrice Desiletsit is addedDavide Soliani​, registeredUbisoft Milanin 1998 and becameCreative DirectorFounded the studio in 2008. Davide leads the team that created itMario + Rabbids Kingdom BattleAndMario + Rabbids Spark of Hopethe two titles were created in collaboration withNintendothat connect the world of Mario with that of the Rabbids. To strengthen the presence of Italian development studios, the Central Stage will host three important events:Memorable games,MilestonesAndStorm in a teacupwho present their latest work and reveal the background of video game development to all enthusiasts and aspiring developers. Finally for fans ofcompetitiveand godseSportsThe central stage offers all spectators exciting challengesCall of Duty Warzonewhich will take place indoors on SaturdayGod bet all the starsthe pro player projectDario “Moonryde” Ferracciwhich involves the Italian players of the God Wager League and, on Sunday, the country’s strongest playersLiam “Jukeyz” Jamesone of the best in the world in Call of Duty Warzone, player ofRed Bulland streamer from West Derby, Liverpool. The sameMoonrydeIn addition, it will be present on the occasion of the fourth stage of near the eventRed Bull Street Streamerthe project on wheels, transported by a van equipped for the latest generation of mobile streaming. The aim is to take a look behind the scenes of the gaming world and offer a completely new look back at the competitive landscape.
During Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2023, Euronics will be the sponsor of the large gaming area known as Freeplay areaand offers visitors a limitless gaming experience. 120 consoles and PC stations are available to try out the latest news and titles of the season Xbox Series X/S with Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation 5, HP, Intel and Bandai Namco with NARUTO X BORUTO Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS. Aside from that, Nintendo and Plaion will showcase their latest exclusive products in their respective areas. The Indie Dungeon will welcome independent Italian development studios and the initiative’s finalists Red Bull Indie Forge will present their projects. export will have one important role Thanks at Gillette Arenawith League of Legends, Fortnite and Rocket League tournaments. QLASH It will occupy an area of ​​over 1200 m2 and will feature exciting preliminary rounds of the Tormenta Circuit, eSports finals and an open zone dedicated to streaming, VR and meetings with influencers from the world of Riot Games. At this extraordinary event, participants can expect a comprehensive gaming experience.
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