Pokémon Day: DLC announced and much more

As every year, the celebrations for the Pokemon tagwhere there is also a live broadcast Official Pokemon Channel in which all news about the world of the gods are brought Pokemon.

Starting from the first novelty we have the next World Cup location Pokemon That means Yokohama in Japanconfirmed thanks to this fantastic key art and the dates of the event ie from August 11-13 . All competitions related to the world of the gods take part in the event Pokemonfrom the TGC deck, continues to collide Pokemon Scarlet and Violetkeeps fighting Pokemon Go until Pokemon Unite.


The second novelty is a limited set Pokemon TGC called classic This will be a unique card set from the Reprint of the 1st edition including a premium game board specially made for the set. More about this will be shown during i World Championship From Pokemon.


Next we have the announcement of a series of Pokemon arrives exclusively Netflix. Set in a resort for Pokemon himself and done in stop motion midget studiothe series will deal with the history of receptionist of resorts.


Now let’s get off pokemon unite, which keeps bringing new ones after reaching the age of two Pokemon and modes within the free-to-play title. The first novelty is the introduction of Zacian, Pokemon Legendary of the penultimate series, which will be available for free during the event Adventure in the Forest of Zacian Ruins . As a second and last innovation we have the introduction of the modality all against one, Similar in concept to Raids, where players must team up against formidable enemies to earn great rewards. Also, don’t miss this code to get a unique medal Zacian! Additionally March 18th and 19th On the canal Pokemon Asia Eng Youtube will be broadcast direct The Asian League Final.

Let’s continue Pokemon Cafe remixTitle in which you have the opportunity to recruit Pokemon as chefs and cook unique dishes of the world Pokemon! Exclusive content will also appear for those who access the game 17. March.

Then come the announcements for the 3.5 years From Pokémon Masters EXthat entail the introduction of 3 new champions From Galar in the title: Bounce with Zapdos, Beets with Articuno And Mary with Moltres. They have returned too dandelion And Charizard with movements UniDynamax From Charizard unlocked and various login bonuses were announced including Gems and Research Units.

Then we have the announcement of a new application dedicated to sleep Pokemon sleep. Dedicated learn and al improvement qualitative of sleepallows you to apply record while you sleep and get something Comparison in my way of sleeping to that of some Pokemon. A new application-specific accessory has also been introduced, namely the Pokémon GO Plus+, that in addition to enabling and disabling sleep mode Pokemon Sleepcan also be used in Pokemon GO For Activate Pokestop, catch Pokemon and many other functions which will be implemented soon! The accessories are available from 21 July and bonuses for using the device have been hinted at Pokemon GO.

Always on the wave of Pokemon GO It has been announced that it will be possible to connect to your own Pokemon Scarlet/Violet receive, via the gift and postcard system Within the application it is possible to get a variation of Vivillon always different depending on the provenance of the postcard. At Pokemon GO On the other hand, every player who sends a postcard has a chance to loot one gimmighul who, once caught, give a coin. Receive 999 coins it will be possible to develop those gimmighul in one Gholdengo! Finally, the future compatibility of was announced Pokémon house with pokemon scarlet and violet, allowing depositing and withdrawing Pokémon at the player’s discretion.

Pokemon Scarlet fever And Violet is the pair of Pokémon games of the latest generation that, despite the many reviews on an artistic and structural level, have managed to reach the top of sales of both the franchise and the whole playground Nintendo Switch.

For the Pokemon direct Various news regarding this work have been announced today, both in terms of new ones mugged teracrystal specifically that regarding i DLC’s much spoken by the community of enthusiasts from around the world Pokemon.

Dedicated at the beginning of the part Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were announced two new raids for two new ones Pokémon Paradox: Rippled Water And iron sheet. The two Pokemon clearly prehistoric and futuristic version of Suicune And virion or are they available from mugged teracrystal already in the game world in a few hours. Frizzy water will be of type water dragon with water therapy While iron sheet it is type herb/human with therapy Psycho.


The second part, dedicated to the two games, is instead a stage for the announcement of the DLC. The downloadable content labeled “The Treasure of Area Zero“, is divided into two parts each available in fall and in winter of 2023without specific dates.

There first part of the DLC is called “The turquoise mask‘ and is inserted northern iviain the original Kitakamia localized area outside the borders of the region of Paldea, in which the students of the academy go on excursions. During the trailer we saw afestival setting except a few Pokemon , old And new, which will be discoverable and trackable throughout the experience. Among the already acquaintances who will return are present ching ling, Milotic, Yanma, Nine Stories, changeable And Vikavolt.

THE Pokemon of greater importance is 4 instead, ogreponthe one that seems to be of greater importance and represents one Mask with different crystals on it, Munkidoria little monkey, Fezandipitya giant ostrich-like bird e Okidogi, a giant green, purple, and black dog. They will also be shown two new characters that will be present in both parts of the DLC, Ribs And Steal, Blueberry Academy students with whom the trip in question was organized.


There second part of the DLC is instead called “The Indigo Disc‘ and will see as the protagonist TerapagosA Turtle Pokémon which it presents on its shell all existing types. In the DLC you play in the situation of Exchange with a student of the Mirtillo Institute, a third institute in the middle of the sea that has never been heard of, along with the Grape Institute and the Orange Institute. A bit of what might be there was also shown in the trailer playing card of the second part of the adventure. Splash art was also shown which could indicate some Tournament type event.

As in the previous part, gods were also shown Pokemon Old ones who will return to this new play area. You will see the return of Zebstrika, Whimsicott, Taugong, metacross, alarm And process.


For the DLC’s were also announced new outfits and for everyone who buys early purchases The DLCs, It will also be possible to get a special code that will give you a special Hisui’s Zoroark not available elsewhere in the game.

Written in collaboration with Davide “Darko” Stival

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