Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty review: the soul-like set in China

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty PlayStation 5 Review | It has now been more than ten years since the first was published dark souls who created a real genre that has been revived in a thousand different ways over the years. Also the boys from the Team Ninjas They faced this genre with the lucky ones nioh and with its direct connection, Nioh 2 (For those who want to learn more, we refer you to the official website, Here). Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty deviates, albeit slightly, from the consolidated formula of the previous two Japanese-style soulslikes to suggest a new setting and a new, frantic gameplay. But no more pleasantries and let’s begin our journey in this turbulent China.

The Three Kingdoms

The title, as mentioned, is set in China during the time known as the Gods Three Kingdoms in which we witness numerous conflicts for the control of the entire territory. Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty therefore proposes a historical scenario inhabited by numerous characters that really existed in between 2nd and 3rd centuries AD In this context, the Team Ninjas goes to the sketch not exactly a remarkable act.

In this China devastated by wars there is a substance called elixirwhich would give tremendous power to those who embrace it by encroaching on them life force of the individual. Abuse of this substance or its use in contexts of violence and war such as three kingdoms, however, it leads to its degeneration life force Conversion of the user to a bloodthirsty demon. Our hero, a complete stranger who appears almost by accident while trying to put down a riotwill find that he foils the plans of a evil Taoist (sort of an alchemist of the time) with the intention of fomenting various conflicts to try to create thisSupreme Elixir who would be able to give eternal life.

Regrettably The events that take place have no other purpose than to transport us from one battlefield to another Get to know numerous characters who together with the Taoist and our hero never really explored or characterized, resulting in bare spots, albeit within a truthful historical framework. Also The fantastical component given by the presence of numerous demons and Chinese mythical creatures has little impact and does not arouse interest in the events narrated. However, the plot comes to the rescue the best gameplay.

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty

Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee

How could we test in the last demos published that Team Ninjas managed to pack excellent and varied gameplay give to the player Numerous tools to create the build you prefer. But let’s go in order; we are faced with a soulslike that makes the combat system its nerve center, but as opposed to one Nioh, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty borrows numerous mechanics Sekiroanother home masterpiece By software. It actually will important to learn to master the parry to keep reducing it Spirit of the opponent and then deliver a powerful critical hit.

So it turns out It is important to study the enemy’s movements in order to identify a window in their defense and predict the opponent’s attack and respond with one parry at the right moment. Plunging headlong into the action can prove deadly. I will be sincere; Master the combat system of Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty It is not easy and will test you. However, once he learns, he will be able to reward you appropriately.

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty

However, we will not be alone to face the hordes of enemies that will present themselves. At the start of each mission It is possible to register up to two accompanying persons who will follow us for the current mission. It will be possible to increase the affinity with these companions to the point where You will donate unique and valuable objects to us. As well as human allies too Chinese mythology comes to our rescue. Once filled a barit will indeed be possible summon a divine beast equipped that will defeat our opponents and give us some power-ups.

Also the combat system The level design is remarkable. As in the previous titles also in this one Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty is divided into levels that feature complicated closed maps. The main missions will be those that presents the most complex mapswhile for the secondary missions we will only have a few smaller portions.

The Five Elements

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty it also brings some novelties in relation to it Leveling up and the known properties that we find in every action role-playing game. Once enough enemies have been defeated, It will be possible to level up by modifying the only five existing traits related to the theory of the five elements of Chinese thinking: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element affects certain factors that are not only related to our physique, but also the spells we can use.

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty

Every five levels we can unlock a new spell from each skill tree corresponding to each of the five elements. Even the Divine beasts above are characterized by one of these elements. Facilitates union between Traits, Spells, and Divine Beasts a really wide variety of builds and ensures that the title adapts perfectly to any style of play. Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty Go then to streamline all mechanical to a large extent which was complex in previous Soulslikes, especially for newbies.

This China is not convincing

If, as already mentioned, The level design is excellentyou can’t say that about her Settings that are not particularly inspired, which, with a few exceptions, describes a rather monotonous China. On the other hand, the technical area that sends us one back is good pleasant graphics It is a Design of the various mythological monsters that has a positive impact. Little to say about the soundtrack, which us rather anonymously along the approx thirty hours required to get to the credits.

Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty looks like Team Ninja’s latest Soulslike. With frenetic and fun gameplay, it will be able to put you to the test to reach the end of the adventure. There are numerous mechanics to master that make this title original and captivating. Unfortunately, the plot and narrated characters quickly take a back seat in favor of the fun of exploring maps with a super-slick level design, albeit lacking in personality. For those who seek the pleasure of a challenge, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is for you.

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