An Ankou, the new action roguelike

An ankou

Alkemi gamesCreator of Foretales, in collaboration with PID games The June 27th release the demo of their first game, which will be in Early Access in July, An ankou A rogue action.

An ankou

Players have the option to pose as one of the three classes present (soldier, Physician or nun) and is tasked with being the last person to serve death during the year. set in one Alternative Britain of the 19th century. And all while fighting hordes of demons invading the realm of the living and facing a perilous journey. Players can explore haunted locations, gather resources, craft gear, level up, and battle powerful enemy forces. if theankou If it fails in its task, it will be reborn to try again.

The setting is structured display open map And it’s all handcrafted with plenty of loot, random encounters, and challenging boss fights, offering a precise combat system with high replay value.

Interested players can get more information by following the game Twitter,Facebookand in the canaldiscord officially. A demo of An ankou it is available At steam.

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