Video games August 2023: a month full of news


Video Games August 2023 | As always, our column is dedicated to this topic video game releases the most interesting of the month. We also remind you to take a look at the other related articles Movie AndTV series.

A Guide to Babel – August 3rd

A Guide to Babylon it’s an adventure 2D set on babel and focused Memory Erase and the Butterfly Effect. The two main themes will intersect with the relationship between the characters, leading to problems to be solved and inner conflicts.

Baldur’s Gate III – August 3rd

Outgoing for Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4/5, pc And Mac. Baldur’s Gate III It is a role playing game inspired by dungeons insert forgotten realms, taken from the saga of the same name. They will come into their own in the game 12 classes And 46 subclasses, all combinable. In addition, more than will be available 170 hours of cutscenes And17000 finals.

Worship Service – August 3rd

Outgoing for Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4/5, pc And Switch. The goal of the protagonist is Reach the god of creatures, face challenges and catch animals. The game is rich in Real-time action combat with a typical magical atmosphere full of dangers.

Forward slash – August 4th

Outgoing for Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4/5, pc And Switch. It is a Action 2D Scroll from the Japanese samurai style. Eliminating an enemy requires precision and reflexes thanks to a unit easy to learn combat and a very special one at that endurance management.

VR Skaters – August 4th

VR Skater is one of the new titles for PSVR2. It is a skateboard simulator where you can try amazing stunts 6 different maps.

Gord—August 8

Outgoing for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XAndpc Set in one fantasy world, It will be our job to direct them tribe of Alba Completing missions that ne They affect personality and behaviorto ensure its survival.

Atlas fallen – August 10th

Outgoing for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XAndpc. Atlas fallen It’s a third-person game where you have to do it Liberate a land from the corrupt god who controls it to hunt legendary monsters Thanks to us Shapeshifting Weapons and our skills. We will both be able to take part in the adventure Solo or in cooperative mode.

Rhythm Tetris – August 15th

This title is the amalgamation of the very famous Tetris with rhythm game: In addition to handling the tetrominoes, we must pay attention to the rhythm of the music and press the keys in time. This gives the game a new vitality, making it more engaging and musical.


Move out August 2-15

Outgoing for Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4/5, Switch And pc. In the second chapter of the saga, we return once more to help Packmore residents, by completing both missions cooperative and competitive mode. excerpt 2, Unlike the previous title, it will also be set in other locations accessible via interdimensional portals.

En garde! – August 16th

A Action-based 1v1 third-person combat with a Combat system heavily inspired by fencing. We will embody Adalia de Volador, a skilled fencer and heroine of the people who must confront the Count Duke and his tyranny.

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – August 17th

Outgoing for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 And pc. A Action in isometric view primarily stealth. In this game you take on the role of one lost traveler who finds himself aboard a ship he controls ghost piratesWith their help and powers, it will be necessary to face the menacing Army of the Inquisition what separates the protagonist from Captain Mordecai’s treasure.

Madden NFL August 24-18

Outgoing for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 And pc. It is the new chapter of the saga of driving me crazya sports game based on that american footballimproved again with more realistic character movements and updated player AI.

The Chainsaw Massacre in Texas – August 18th

Outgoing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4/5 And pc. Based on the same name movie saga, we will imitate that famous serial killer Leatherface who must prevent the players from escaping the arena at all costs. As in other games of this type, the fugitives must overcome obstacle courses to escape.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk – August 18th

It is a 3D platformer with atmosphere and music Wireless. It will be our goal Defend the honor of our gang with jumps, stunts, songs and graffiti, always trying to escape the clutches of the police.

Fort Solis – August 22nd

Outgoing for PlayStation 5 And pc. It’s a very story based game Mars. The story is divided into 4 chapters and talk about it Jack, An explorer sent on a mission into darkness and desolation Fort Solis. Warnings of the impending storm prompt him to go deeper in hopes of making contact.

Immortals of Aveum – August 22nd

Outgoing for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X And pc.Jack It is a fighting wizard what follows a Mission of the elite wizards to save the world From aveum. In order to survive and prevent the cataclysmic events that could lead to the end of the current era, Jack will have to Master the magic And Challenging conventions and dogmas dictated by the great sorcerers of the past.

Blasphemy August 2-24

Outgoing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4/5, Switch And pc. I pick up the completion of the free DLC wounds of the eveningour protagonist awakens in an unknown land and finds himself in a new, never-ending cycle of life, forced to complete his mission.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon – August 25th

Outgoing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4/5 And pc. The new title of fromsoftware, Armored Core 6 It is a Third person action where you will take command robot in one dystopian future with dynamic and omnidirectional battles, acquire more dynamic and depth compared to previous titles.

Star Sea – August 29th

Outgoing forXbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4/5, Switch And pc. A Turn-based role-playing gamein full style final fantasythat tells the story of two childrenendowed with mystery Forces related to the sun and moon. On the other hand, an evil alchemist has created monstrosities that only children can defeat.

Dream Day: Sandcastle 1994 – August 30th

Outgoing forXbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4/5, Switch And pc. It is a Based on a survival horror story in the third person where you take on the role of the special agent Delilah Reyes, former government spy, now in the service of the HADES unit. The game is set most modern research center in the USA,full of mysteries and pitfalls.

Fraud 2nd – 31st August

Outgoing for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4/5 And pc. This is the second chapter of a Multiplayer online game Where 9 people will be locked in different environments, by the choice of players, but not everyone is who they say they are. Two of the players will actually be aliens with the target Silently kill the whole party without being detected. Who can you trust in this group of strangers?

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