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When Christmas is approaching, what could be nicer than a blanket, a hot chocolate and a good film in front of the TV? We at VMAG Like every month, we recommend the best releases to keep an eye on that will be released in the next thirty days. Have fun while reading!

Eileen – December 1st

Eileen is a dramatic thriller based on the 2015 novel of the same name by Ottessa Mossfegh, who also co-wrote the screenplay. The film, directed by: William Oldroyd, is about a young woman who works in a youth prison. His quiet and monotonous life will take unexpected turns with the arrival of a charismatic psychologist named Rebecca.

Candy Cane Lane – December 1st (Prime Video)

This Christmas comedy looks Eddie Murphy as Chris, a man determined to win the annual Christmas decorating contest. But everything changes when Chris decides to make a deal with a certain elf named Pepper.

The Archies – December 7th (Netflix)

The Archies is a 1960 live-action musical comedy film directed by Zoya Akthar. The authors defined it as “a musical experience full of youth, rebellion, friendship and first love.”

Diaries A Wimpy Kid’s Christmas: Cabin Fever – December 8 (Disney+)

Directed by Luke Cormican, this animated film is the seventh installment in the series Greg’s diary and chronicles the adventures of Greg Heffley as Christmas approaches.

Merry Little Batman – December 8th (Prime Video)

This animated action film follows the adventures of Damian Wayne, the son of the one and only Batman, who struggles with the desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. Left alone on Christmas Eve, the young man discovers the existence of an evil plan to ruin Christmas and will do anything to prevent its implementation.

Wonka – December 8th

Wonka, prequel to There Chocolate factorycan you see it Timothée Chalamet Play the crazy candy entrepreneur.

Kevin Hart & Cris Rock: Headliners Only – December 12 (Netflix)

This documentary promises to give audiences a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of two titans of the comedy genre. Kevin Hart and Chris Rock talk about their first steps and the problems surrounding the world of laughter.

The Family Plan – December 15th (Apple TV+)

Mark Wahlberg returns to the scene as Don Morgan, a retired assassin now living peacefully with his family. The idyll is interrupted when figures from his dark past track him down and force him to flee.

Chicken Run: Dawn of The Nugget – December 15 (Netflix)

After a shocking escape from the farm, Ginger and her herd managed to realize their dream of life far from civilization. How will they behave if a new threat emerges? Let’s find out in this animated comedy.

Aquaman: Lost Kingdom, December 22nd

Jason Momoa returns to take on the role of the protagonist of the most popular aquatic fantasy. The hero asks his brother Orm for help and faces an unprecedented evil threat. Will the duo be able to overcome their differences to avoid disaster?

Rebel Moon Part One: A Child of Fire – December 22 (Netflix)

Directed by Zack Snyder, this film follows the adventures of Kora, a former member of the Empire, as he seeks redemption after a past at the top of the oppressive government.

Ferrari – December 26th

At the beginning of the Prancing Horse’s Formula 1 experience, former racing driver Enzo Ferrari finds himself threatened with bankruptcy. Together with his wife Laura, the entrepreneur also has to cope with the loss of his son Dino. The film also focuses on her participation in the Thousand Miles, a historic Italian competition.

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