Miracle Pictures at the Venice Film Festival

miraculous images

There miraculous images will be represented at the 80th Venice Film Festival with 10 films based on the excellent result obtained at the Locarno Film Festival critical zonesGolden Leopard Winner, e Don’t expect too much from the end of the worldWinner of the Special Prize of the Jury of the International Competition.

miraculous images

Of the 10 films presented in Venice, 3 will compete for the International Competition:

  • The beast (La Bête) FromBertrand Bonello,withLea SeydouxAndGeorge MacKay, a film that tells of a near future where artificial intelligence is in charge and emotions are considered extremely harmful. The protagonist Gabrielle is forced to get rid of her great love Louis, but the beginning of a great catastrophe will surprise her.
  • Ms. OV (Kobieta Z…)From Malgorzata Szumowska And Michael Englert, A film that tells the search for freedom of Aniela, a 45-year-old trans woman living between communism and Polish capitalism.
  • The third title is hors season From Stephanie Brize,withGuillaume CanetAndAlba Rohrwacher: An established actor reunites with his old love, a piano teacher. The two meet by chance in a small town in western France, where they rekindle a love they didn’t think could still exist.

miraculous images

Competing in the section horizons, Instead we find 3 titles:

  • Explanation for everything (Magyarázat Mindenre), directed by the director Gabor Reisz, is a film set in Orbàn’s Hungary, describing a high school exam from the perspective of the boy, his liberal professor and his nationalist father.
  • The second is a film made in Italy, El Paraísoproduced by Ascent Film and Young Films, in association with Rai cinema. The work of Enrico Maria Artale takes us to the center of a story full of difficult family relationships, maternal conflicts and Italian-style crimes.
  • The third film, also of Italian production, is invelleproduced by Minimum Fax Media and Amka Films Production, a feature film debut for the animator Simone Massi telling the madness of war filtered through three different generations.

miraculous images

However, two films will be presented out of competition:

  • Making Of From Cedric Kahn, withDenis Podalydes, Stephen Crepon AndJonathan Cohenis about a director grappling with his new film. The work turns out to be bumpy and fraught with problems from the start, both professionally and privately, e.g Josephan extra who wants to break into the world of cinema agrees to cover everything behind the scenes, proving that sometimes the making of the film is better than the film itself.
  • The second film is out of competition Menus Plaisirs – Les TroigrosFrom Frederick Wiseman: It takes place in France and shows the family trigosOwner of three star restaurants and her passion for cooking has earned her three Michelin stars Green Star for sustainable practices.

miraculous images

Finally, that miraculous images will be at… Authors’ Days with two titles:

  • THE INVENTION OF SNOWFromVittorio Moroni, From September 14 in cinemas is the story of a family drama in which Carmen is played by Elena Gigliotti, seeks reconciliation with his daughter.
  • FRAGMENTS OF A LOVING JOURNEY From Chloe Barreau is an introspective work that uses intimate testimonies and private images to try to explain one of the most beautiful feelings in the world: love.

miraculous images

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