Razer KITSUNE: the controller for better shots

Razer Kitsune

razorone of the world’s leading providers of everyday games, has announced the availability of Razer Kitsunehis first Optical all-button arcade controllerspecifically designed to change the landscape of fighting game in an ergonomic and functional way.

Razer Kitsune it deviates Regulator traditional, combines the tactile satisfaction of an arcade control panel to the cutting-edge technology of Razer’s optical switches. It was carefully crafted under consideration of Needs of competitive fighting game playersoffers aincredible precision It is a Higher level controlwhile maintaining a form factor subtle And portable for maximum ease of assembly and transport.

Razer Kitsune

After what was said by Ali Homayounfar, Razer Kitsune Product Lead:

With Razer KitsuneWe have responded to the specific needs of those who play competitive fighting games. This is an innovative step in gaming controls that allows you to perform complex movements and react very quickly thanks to the combination of “all-buttons” layout and optical switches. We are proud to have developed Kitsune in collaboration with Capcom to ensure it complies with all Capcom Pro Tour regulations.

Replacing traditional joysticks with four movement buttons, Razer Kitsune offers a new dimension of control in fighting games, Reduction of input errors and enable you to execute perform complex movements flawlessly. Thanks to’Integration of Razer’s low-profile linear optical switchesseen for the first time in the keyboard Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro, Kitsune offers extremely responsive inputProvides the precision and speed needed to outrun opponents and take advantage of every opportunity.

Slim and portable design for gamers who are always on the move and True to the excellent ergonomics typical of Razer devices,razor Kitsune was designed with the portabilitywith a slim and handy form factor can be easily stored in a backpack and a detachable USB Type-C cable for quick setup. THE Cable safety lock And Tournament lock switch of Razor Kitsune You avoid the risk of accidental disconnections and unwanted input during the most heated competitionswhich gives players security when every second counts.

Razer Kitsune

Equipped with a removable aluminum top plate and from Razer Chroma™ RGB, Razer Kitsune not only allowed Give your bestbut also from You look goodwith customization options that adapt to each player’s unique style. The leap in innovation razor in the kingdom of Optical arcade controllers with the Kitsune represents a monumental change in the gaming control landscape. Combining a Precise movement layout with four buttons, extremely responsive linear optical switches and a factor of slim and portable shape, Kitsune arises as new titan in the realm of fighting game controllers on PlayStation 5 and PC.

More information about Razer Kitsune You can visit the website of razor. Razer Kitsune It is currently available on the website and at authorized retailers priced at approx 350 EUR And in autumnFor 30 euros morethey will be available Razer Kitsune SF6 Chun-Li Edition and that Razer Kitsune SF6 Cammy Edition.

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