Dungeon Twist: the strategy that's fun

Let's hopea young indie development studio based in Milan, returns with a new, interesting project called “ Dungeon Twists, currently in Kickstarter.

Dungeon Twists is a turn-based strategy board game set in a dark and imaginative underground full of secrets and riches to discover. Our characters, hungry money thieves, will do anything to get it back hidden treasureeven if it is forced steal from their companions.

Speaking of which Play styleall players (maximum five) share the same card and can do this Modify or expand it every round: It will actually be possible to chain or rotate the different fragments available to create trouble for the other characters. The game ends when one of the players loots the Treasury and manages to escape. You can therefore play a strategy to prevent an escape or steal the treasure directly from others.

There Core Edition of the game includes the physical version of Dungeon Twists and an interesting extension Print and play, a game independent of the original board game and fully accessible via simple sheets of paper. The basic core edition includes 68 map fragments, 12 rooms, the 5 character sheets and so much more. In addition, new features and elements are added based on donations.

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