Lords of the Fallen Review: The first one is better

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The first was better. This sentence could be enough to describe our great disappointment at trying something new Lords of the Fallen, a title that has caused a lot of stir in the past and that today, 10 years later, presents itself again in a completely new guise. Developed by Hexworks and published by CI games, Lords of the Fallen is a souls-like third-person role-playing game that explores the history of Crusader with capea mighty warrior who, guided by the power of Lanternface the demonic god Adyr. Here is our review, enjoy reading!

Competition that hurts

There Challenge and that Competition They are the spark for improvement, a ray of hope for growth and development: a comparison with other realities, often very far from our original matrix, is necessary and, if viewed with the right caution, can lead to a big improvement. This time, however Lords of the Fallen He took the competition the wrong way by abandoning all the good he had created in the first chapter and leaving room for the canons of role playing game style Dark souls.

Cold game mechanics have replaced passion and love What was perceived in the past, despite the positive points that we will analyze later, everything seems soulless and carefree. The 2014 game was unique because it stood out from the rest; The settings were alive and our imagination lived with them, lost between the haunted castles and the ornamental squares. However, now they only survive there spectacular graphicsThe statistics Hey colossal bosses. Is this really the right direction?

A lantern for a friend

Lords of the Fallen tries to create innovations through the introduction of Lanterna magical object that manages to give the dead a second life and allows our character to enter the dimension Umbral, a parallel world haunted by the souls of the damned. Switching between these dimensions is an interesting game mechanic for both sidesExploration (In one dimension you could cross otherwise impassable areas or see invisible things) than for the Battle (Some enemies can be weakened by the power of Lantern).

The dimension Umbral It's not a nice place to live: the longer we stay in this world, the more enemies will attack us and resent our presence. Finally, the lantern allows you to connect with the remains (the bonfires of Dark souls), which act as Checkpoints. With the change of dimensions we will face completely changed landscapes, all united by onehigh graphic quality. L'Attitudemostly dark and vertical, nice to look at but less satisfying to explore.


Fighting is frustrating

Speaking of exploration, one of the game's biggest problems is that Movement: awkward, slow and distracting are the perfect adjectives to describe it. It is difficult to move around the different game areasespecially in narrow areas or in connection with a precipice. The room, Then, He is the player's worst enemy, uncontrollable and exposed to constant interpenetrations and visual obstacles. Ironic, It's easier to die falling off a ledge than in a boss fight.

And here we come to today's third negative point: this Battle. The Animations from the thousand-year delay that responsiveness reduced to the minimum terms Enemiesbeautifully graphically but poorly structured from a gameplay point of view, making combat a real nightmare even for lovers of Try and lose. The worst thing about this problem is that very often deaths in combat are not due to human error, but to human error serious deficiency on the technical sidewhich raises the frustration limit to the maximum.


Some stats, well done!

Raised in a world of statistics, results and twinkling lights, Lords of the Fallen takes a step back to make room for simplicity and intuitiveness. All weapons and equipment are based on a few parameters that are very easy to understand, such as strength physics or damage caused Fire, Magical And'Withering (dark). The simplification of the menus and statistics makes the title more playable for those with less experience and expands the gaming possibilities target group.

Regarding theoptimization, the game is unstable even on high-end PCs, so reducing the graphics parameters is mandatory. Other points worth mentioning are certainly: Storysimple but captivating, and the Soundtrack Epic created byBudapest Orchestra and by the American composer Cris Velasco.


In summary, Lords of the Fallen is an average Souls-like game that stays true to today's canons of the genre, but with a few pinches of innovation. The mechanics of the Lantern and the Umbral Dimension, the breathtaking scenery and the story are interesting. Unfortunately, unlike the original title, Lords of the Fallen lacks heart and soul, making it difficult for the player to get involved and get excited about the game. Additionally, the movements are awkward, as is the combat. If you are looking for excellence, Elden Ring It could be the right choice for you.

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