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Capcom has unveiled a new trailer forExoprimalpresents the upcoming collaboration between the team-based online action game and the seriesMonster hunter. The crossover starts with season 3 ofExoprimalon January 18, 2024 and will feature a monstrous new mission with a boss fight against Rathalos, a collection of exo-armor skins fromMonster hunter and more.


The collaboration betweenExoprimalAndMonster hunterincludes a wild new mission in which Leviathan summons you Rathalos and swarms of Velociprey for an unprecedented combat test. The Exofighters must band together in the Space Abyss and hunt as a team in order to survive against the legendary “”.King of heaven“Breathing fire in a 10-player co-op boss fight.

The crossover also features a number of special Monster Hunter cosmetic sets, including:

  • Rathalos Armor Skin (Murasame)
  • Kirin Armor Skin (Skywave)
  • Nergigante Armor Skin (Barrage)
  • Rajang Monster Skin (Roadblock)

In addition to working withMonster hunterSeason 3 ofExoprimalwill introduce another boss encounter, four new ones, with the arrival of the Neo-Triceratops Exoarmor In the beta version, the jungle map as well as new rigs, modules and more. Some Season 4 content has also been teased, including a 10-player cooperative challenge mode called Time Loop Rebellion. Season 4 also adds an additional Custom Match mode, allowing players to send invitations to friends across platforms, play the story together, and enjoy their favorite settings.

Meanwhile, Exofighters can hit the streets of Bikitoa Island with Street Fighter 6 cosmetic sets, including skins for Ryu, Chun-Li and Guile. This amazing content was released with Season 2 of Exoprimalon October 18, 2023, which also added the new final PvE escape mission, the Ocean Platform map, new gear and more. Below you will find them Trailer.

Exoprimalis currently available on Xbox and Steam. Today also marks the start of a free weekend on Steam, allowing PC players to experience the full game for a limited time. Click Here for other items.

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