Game Pro 052: a month full of news


Once again, the monthly video games review by the editors is backGamesVillagefull of interesting news, reviews and special offers. Game Pro 052available from today in digital form and at all kiosks, brings to light several stars of the month, such as Star Wars Jedi Survivor, The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores but also insights into the new layers of fear, Final Fantasy XVI, Street Fighter VI and so much more.

An inevitable part of the magazine are also the special opinions of the authors, with the Retropensiero di Gualtiero Cannarsithe iconoclast of Ivan Paduanothe over and out of Pier Marco Rosa and the Central Committee of Caesar Negrini. Finally, the part dedicated to retrogaming, edited by the Deputy Director Gianpaolo Iglio,It evokes the origins of the gaming world we are used to today.


Also dead island 2 was examined by our editors and the review was not long in coming, here it isArticle dedicated.

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