Beyond Words: Revelations and Implications in Online Reviews

The Online reviews They are an indispensable tool in today’s digital society. Because they provide users with useful information and personal experiences about products and services and thus significantly influence the decision-making process that then leads to conversion, i.e. purchase. In contrast, online reviews They also have negative effects, especially when it comes to the plague of fake and biased reviews. A genuine review can provide an accurate overview of the quality of a product, while a motivated review can lead the user to make wrong and disappointing decisions.

The role and benefits of authentic online reviews

The authentic and spontaneous online reviews They represent a direct expression of the consumer’s voice. In fact, they provide valuable feedback to businesses and other users in one way or another. Positive reviews can increase a brand’s reputation and strengthen trust in the brand, promote sales and contribute to the success of a company. On the other hand, negative (but sincere and constructive) reviews can be helpful for the company to identify opportunities for improvement and optimize the products or services offered to the public.

This rule applies in all areas that go beyond what the company offers. Gambling portals are no exception, along with all services revolving around online gambling. To give a concrete example: this review of Admiralbet Casino highlights some important advantages of the website in question, such as the presence of a live chat, the smartphone app and the wide selection of slot machines.

Authentic reviews They therefore influence the purchasing behavior of users. Unsurprisingly, many people read reviews before making a final decision, and a high rating can influence you to choose a product or other service. Reviews also provide a more complete picture than if you just received a reading simple technical sheet signed by the maker.

As if that wasn’t enough, reviews can help Build a relationship of trust between companies and consumers. A company that responds to reviews, such as those left on social sites, shows that it values ​​customer feedback and is committed to continuous improvement. This can have a positive impact on consumers’ perception of the brand (brand awareness) and their desire to engage or interact with the company in the future Repeat purchase.

The serious problem of fake and biased reviews

While authentic reviews benefit both consumers and businesses, they are fake and biased reviews represent a serious problem for any market. These opinions are the result of manipulation by the companies themselves and can be both positive and negative and are therefore funded by a brand or its direct competitor. In summary, it is a usual strategy artificially influence the perception of a product or a service.

False positive reviews can be used for this purpose, for example inflate the reputation of a product/service, or a company. This can lead to a distortion in the perception of the customer, who relies on these testimonials to make a decision. This puts the user at risk of purchasing a product or service that actually does not meet their needs or expectations.

The fake negative reviewsInstead, they are used as a weapon by the competition. In fact, these reviews can be used to tarnish a competitor’s reputation with the intent of diverting customers to a competitor’s products or services, even if they are never mentioned. With a phenomenon like this Check the bombingThere are entire user communities that band together to “destroy” a product.

The Problem of fake and biased reviews It is also very complex to deal with from a legal point of view, as they may be the subject of a defamation lawsuit. Online review platforms try to counteract this phenomenon through various systems: for example, by analyzing reviews to detect suspicious behavior, through user verification and through reports from readers (or from the companies themselves). However, despite these efforts Only a small proportion of fake reviews are blocked.


Given what we have seen so far, it is important that consumers Approach online reviews with an ever-vigilant attitude. You need to activate your critical mind to learn to distinguish the true from the false and trust only reputable blogs in your reference niche and reliable users. To give a practical example, a review of a product accompanied by photos and videos it will have a completely different weight than a text without direct evidence.

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