Ad Infinitum: Story trailer available

Ad infinitum

Lesquin, September 7, 2023 – As we prepare to delve into the haunted and tormented spirit of a young German soldier on September 14th, NACON and the studies Hecate are pleased to release a new trailer for Ad infinitum This offers an intriguing preview of the story behind the game, which was recently featured exclusively on the Fearfest 2023.

In this psychological horror experience, the story is a central part of the game. Halfway between revelation and mystery, this new trailer offers some glimpses of the plot and raises just as many questions: Who are these new characters featured in the trailer? Will we plunge into the horror and futility of war or the eerie emptiness of the family home? Is this all really happening or is it just the product of a nightmare? Who is the ghost that appears to be haunting the house? Why does this woman seem to be panicking? Only as the game progresses will we find the answers to all these questions and the truth about the story of this German family whose fate was sealed by the First World War.

The line between nightmare and reality is becoming increasingly blurred. In Ad infinitum We will play as a young German soldier haunted by the horrors of the First World War. Caught between two realities, we’ll wander through a huge mansion and the trenches of World War I, where we’ll have to fend off the horrific creatures that will haunt us.

Ad infinitum will be available PlayStation 5, Xbox Series And PC The September 14, 2023. You can find them here Steam page of the game, while you can find more editorial articles here.

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