Hogwarts Legacy wins Best Interactive Animation

Cartoons on the Bay

Hogwarts LegacyGame produced by avalanche software and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Ent. on February 7th, 2023 is a massive work that has brought enthusiasts together and enhanced their video game experiences. Hogwarts Legacy is not just a wizarding game, it is above all a quality product and an example of successful innovation, which can take him to the stars in the first few weeks after its release. Unfortunately, there were some optimization issues at launch, but it’s impossible to appreciate the awesomeness of this game and the opportunities hidden within it, which are immersive and immersive.

The title was awarded during the award ceremony Cartoons on the Bay was awarded “Best Interactive Animation”, once again confirming its video game and social value. The game managed to surpass titles like dead space, God of War Ragnarok and even the much criticized The Callisto Protocol, child of the science fiction horror category. We have these and many other awards plankdon’t miss it!

Cartoons on the Bay

Another interesting panel of the Cartoons on the Bay is the one dedicated to unreal engine and innovation, here’s the Left go to Article.

The entry “Hogwarts Legacy” receives the first prize for the best interactive animation in VIGAMUS Magazine – the magazine about the world of video games.

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