Cartoons on the Bay’s new Pulcinella Award 2023

Cartoons on the Bay

The Cartoons in the bay 2023 It started well: under the direction and with the presentation of Robert Genoese, Director of the Festival and Mayor of Pescara. The director said he was very proud of what had been done for the occasion, wished everyone a good continuation of the event and announced the arrival of the day’s special guests, including the Israeli director, screenwriter and composer Ari Folman.

Among the many things that have been leaked during these first hours of the festival, what really stands out is the news surrounding the new award Pulcinellaa special award for the most demanding minds of the Italian and non-Italian art scene. With a completely renewed design, the Pulcinella Award is eco-sustainable and was developed from corn fiber, reducing pollution and consumption. As we know, the problem of pollution is of increasing concern and the organization wanted to send a signal aimed at both emerging artists and established players in the industry. Furthermore, the award’s pixel art style combined with the elegant magnetic base creates a connection between the past and the future and symbolizes the change that is taking place. Cartoons on the Bay

But back to the gaming world: the new review by Killer Frequency VRedited by David Maiorana. Don’t miss it!

The entry The new Pulcinella Award of Cartoons on the Bay 2023 first appointment in VIGAMUS Magazine – The magazine about the world of video games.

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