The Giuseppe Laganà Prize at Cartoons on the Bay 2023

Cartoons on the Bay

On the morning of June 2, 2023, the second day of Cartoons on the Bayreceived the prestigious award Giuseppe Lagana To “The night” From Martina Generali and Simone Pratola And Frances Sofia Rosso. The famous award occasionally recognizes the artistic and inspirational quality of Italian projects and works. These in particular must be able to create something new and original, but they must also position themselves well in the market, cover production costs and possibly perform positively.

Unfortunately – and this is ugly to say – the monetary value compared to the actual “weight” of the works is becoming increasingly important. The consumerist and capitalist society in which we live leads us to the realization of the concept of value and throws up the canons we have always known. The Giuseppe Laganà Prize, on the other hand, takes us back to the original principles of artistic works, taking into account profit, but also and above all how much innovation and invention the work involved has generated.

Cartoons on the Bay

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