Lords of the Fallen: Trailer Deep Dive

Lords of the Fallen

HEXWORKSa studio owned by CI Games, today released a brand new overview trailer forLords of the Falleneight minutes long, illustrates the horrors and evil enemies that herald the return of the Demon God Adyr.

Lords of the Fallen

In the trailer released today, we delve deep into the game world and find out news about the story, environments and gameplay. The title will be set 1000 years after the previous chapter of the series, we will wander through the flourishing lands Mornstead, devastated by the devastation caused by demons. As we explore, we will find 5 beaconsMonuments built to keep the fallen god at bay Adyr but compromised by his servants, who threaten to bring him back to life. Then the lantern is shown, a very important tool that will accompany us throughout the game and serves as a means of getting out of the world of the living axiom into the world of the dead, Umbraland to be a part of it Dark Crusaders.

Blessed with the most sacred splendor, it will be our task to restore it beacon to prevent a catastrophe from occurring. The World of the Dead will not only have its own atmosphere, but also special challenges and bosses. Moreover, thanks to the lantern, once dead in the world of the living axiom We may have a second chance to win the ongoing battle in the world of the dead. Umbral. You will also be present companion within the game campaign that you can interact with, between those who only expect something in return to draw their sword for us and those who want to see our blood flow. It will also be possible Invite a friend of your game and play along cooperative As long as you want to. We can start the title with one of the 9 available classes including:

  • Knight of the night with sword and shield
  • Pirate cultist equipped with Greek fire
  • Black feather ranger with bow
  • and many others!

Although each of them is equipped with its own moveset and special equipment, these can be developed to our liking by adding subclasses as the game progresses, depending on the decisions made during the title’s plot. Equipment, consumables and 3 types of magic await us in the highly anticipated dark fantasy action RPG HEXWORKS. Lords of the Fallen will be available PC, PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series The October 13thand it’s one of the first major releases to truly harness the power ofUnreal Engine 5. Below you will find them new trailer on Youtube.

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