Dragonheir: Silent Gods is collaborating with Wizard of the Coast

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

The developer and publisher Nuverse today announced the official collaboration with Wizard of the Coastwhich will feature the iconic characters of Dungeons arrive at Open-world strategy role-playing game Dragonheir: Silent Godsnow available on steam and previously published on EGSMac devices and mobile devices (both iOS The Android). Since its launch last month Dragonheir: Silent Gods more than recorded 5 million downloads on all platforms and reached the top of the rankings Google Play in more than 10 regions worldwide.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

About working with Dungeons & Dragons

The multiversal world of Dragonheir: Silent Gods is getting bigger and bigger: the November 17th The most famous and popular characters From Dungeons enter the game and start it a two-year collaboration. Players can recruit these legendary heroes and add them to their collection as they venture into the vast open world of Dragon Heritage And Participate in combat encounters.

These characters will be introduced over the next two years as part of Dragonheir’s seasonal release modelas well as adding key elements of D&D to the game’s open world exploration and combat system.

Seasonal updates from Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Out of November 17th, Dragonheir: Silent Gods will feature new hero characters from Dungeons And Co-op heroes that you can get. The seasonal model aims to achieve this Enliven the gameplaydo Advance the story of Dragonheir through new quests and explorationand constantly challenges players to expand their arsenal and take on stronger opponents.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Every season of Dragonheir: Silent Gods hard between 12 and 14 weeks and offers various new features:

Adventure – Each season introduces itself new maps and stories full of heroes to recruit and challenging bosses to defeat, Advance Dragonheir’s story.

Enemies and allies – The multiverse is limitless and its boundaries are constantly expanding. Players can Meet visitors from other worlds, be they enemies or friendsallowing them to learn new fighting styles and skills as the adventure progresses.

Combat strategies – The seasons are introduced new gameplay and approach to combatwhich allows the players Freely distribute your main character’s attributes and introduce never-before-seen element combinations for hero attacks, e.g. B. Ice/Toxin for one season and Ice/Darkness for another.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods

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