Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty latest demo and launch trailer are here

The European division of KOEI TECMOdevelopment house of Wo Long: The Fallen Dynastyin addition to already announced The final demo before the game’s release also released an epic launch trailer showing some of the historical warriors of the Three Kingdoms who will be present throughout the adventure.

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The final demo will feature two early stages of the game that weren’t available in the first, including the Chapter 1: Village of Misfortune along with Chapter 2: Two brave heroes. Both chapters depict the combat and intense battles of a demon-infested version of the fantasy Three Realms as an anonymous militiaman fights his way through waves of monsters and enemy soldiers in this late Han Dynasty epic.

The demo will also be available Online multiplayer and by transferring save data from the first phase to the main game, players will receive the Squatting Dragon Helm in-game item upon release of the title.

KOEI TECMO Europa recently announced that those who purchase the physical or digital version of Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty from March 16th will receive a special “Baihu Armor”, while those who pre-order the game digitally will receive the early purchase bonus along with the pre-order bonus: “Zhuque Armor”. Available for pre-order on PlayStation, Xbox And steam.

A limited SteelBook® version of will also be available at launch Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty. The SteelBook® Launch Edition includes an exclusive collector’s box with the items Bonus DLCs “Crown of Zhurong” and “Crown of Gonggong”.

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