Electronic Entertainment Expo: History of E3, the most important video game fair

The world of video games would go through a very important transitional phase in its complex, albeit brief, history. In fact, the cancellation of E3 2023, that is, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the most important video game fair in the world, is news from a few weeks ago. ReedPop Gaming Division Vice President Kyle Marsden-Kish released a statement on the sidelines of the news: “Given the commitment that we and our partners have made to running this event, it was a difficult decision, but we had to.” Doing the right thing.” for the industry and for E3”. The reasons lie in the lack of interest from developers and manufacturers, above all Sony and Nintendo, who had already announced their absence. According to industry experts, it could be a final goodbye and not just the cancellation of a class; However, it is still too early to draw any conclusions. Advice on in-depth gaming websites, such as gaming blog or specifically a blog about consoles, public interest does not seem to be lacking and sales remain high, with Xbox and Playstation continuing to share large market shares.

What is certain is that the golden age of this show was recorded in the five-year period 2005-2010, when the spotlight from around the world turned to Los Angeles and the novelties that E3 would present for the coming year. These are the pivotal years in the gaming industry since Sony released the Playstation 3, a name that became known after the more complex and less impactful tagline of “the third generation of the Playstation system”. At the same time, Microsoft broke into the market with the Xbox 360 console and released the first video games in HD. Nintendo is still the third largest force in the industry, showing that it no longer wants to compete technologically with the two giants Sony and Microsoft. The aim of the Japanese company is to create new gaming experiences, always doing more than just taking a look at the titles that have become real cult titles: this is the case of Super Mario, which has been released in dozens of different versions and also the wave is still at its peak today thanks to the New film that hit the cinemas.

However, the debut of the US fair is chronologically much further back: in 1995. The fair allowed the presentation of the fifth generation of consoles worldwide: Sega Saturn, Playstation, Virtual Boy, Neo Geo CD and Nintendo 64 were the main presented platforms Of these, however, are only a few survived. The Net Geo CG (the manufacturer was SNK) was officially discontinued a few years later, in 1998. The bracket of the Virtual Boy, which was discontinued way back in 1996 and was remembered as one of Nintendo’s failures, was even shorter. Sega Saturn, on the other hand, had a slightly longer lifespan and wasn’t officially available until 2000, but the numbers it achieved weren’t impressive. However, the situation is different with the Playstation, which has now reached the ninth generation with the PS5. The success was global, and as of January 2023, 30 million units were sold, according to data.

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