Termoli Comics & Games: the growing Molise

Termoli Comics & Games

Mario Palladino And Nicholas Palmieriknown individually as synergy And repaymentare two YouTubers with over ten years of experience who, with their humility, have built an incredible and magnificent castle and built one of the largest and most enviable communities in Italy.

Grown together with the name These two on the serverhave gone through the different eras of the platform, exploring the world of video games, films and books, theatrical performances, cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship and much more. Now, however, their ambitions have shifted to a new universe, that of fairs, announcing to the public of enthusiasts Termoli Comics & Gamesorganized entirely by you and your team.

Termoli Comics & Games

The city of termoli, a municipality of Molise in the province of Campobasso, will host the great fair on June 16, 17 and 18, 2023, bringing a great freshness to the city. The event, structured between the streets and nerve centers of the city, will feature well-known personalities such as: Yotobi, fraws From Let’s talk video games AndSabaku no Maikuin addition to the exhibition jacobitti and many other guests and events.

Everything is seasoned with a beautiful landscape, that of the coastal city, which allows visitors to fall in love with these lands.

Termoli Comics & Games

If you are passionate about fairs and want to know the history of the most famous in the world, here you will find them connections that fits you.

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