Film May 2023: the new releases

Movie May 2023

Welcome back to our monthly column where we remind and recommend you other interesting films appears in the month May In movie theater and on some Streaming Distributors.

love again (5th of May)

In this romantic comedy Mira Ray (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) will send amorous messages to the number of her old ex-boyfriend, the journalist Rob Burns (Sam Heughan), who, impressed by the messages, will try to win the girl’s heart, also thanks to the help of the famous Celine Dion.

Death Roulette (May 5th) – Paramount+

Based on the original script”the terminal” From Frank ArizaThe plot is about seven people who have been kidnapped and after waking up they participate in a deadly game in a remote mansion. They have 60 minutes to choose a person to sacrifice, but the victim must consent to the act. The terrible alternative is the death of all unfortunate people. When time runs out, their darkest secrets They come to light and understand that they are all somehow connected to a dark past.

A Ranger (May 5)

Thomas Jane will play the role of a very fierce Texar Ranger Who fights with one terrorist If he escapes his clutches, he will fly from the US to Londonand eventually even teamed up with an agent of British Intelligence to capture the escaped prisoner.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (May 5)

To continue the story of our heroes, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 it will be there final chapter to the story of the Wardens, which is mostly the story of rockets and his past.

Simulants (May 5th)

In the movie we see Robbie Amell interpret a humanoid Yes fall in love a widow who ends up being confronted with emotions and feelings like sadness and love.

The Mother (May 12) – Netflix 

Jennifer Lopez will play a ruthless killer that he had to leave his own daughter to protect her. two dangerous criminals,Adrian LovellAndHector Alvarez(Joseph FiennesAndGael García Bernal), are still at large and might find them for revenge, so despite the distance, she decides to prepare for the moment when they use her daughter to get to her.

BlackBerry (May 12)

Movie Directed by Matt Johnsonis the story of first smartphone of the world and the decline of the company due to the conflict between the two foundersMike LazaridisAndJim Balsille.

Fool’s Paradise (12 messages)

A satirical comedy which begins when a Press secretary had no luck discovers a man recently released from a mental institution who bears a striking resemblance to an actor reluctant to leave his dressing room. Her adventure You will make them cross paths with drunk co-workers, disrespectful homeless action movie heroes, unpredictable directors, super agents and power-blind tycoons. fame and fortune They are not all they seem, and the two men must fight to find their way to what really matters.

Hypnotic (May 12)

Feeling trapped personally and professionally jenn tackles a mystery hypnotherapist which involved them in a deadly mind manipulation game. After some very intense sessions, re-enactments of startling facts and mysterious amnesias that have not been fully explained, jenn it will be so in the end object of psychological manipulation.

The Knights of the Zodiac (May 12)

Produced byToei animationand based on the internationally successful anime,The Zodiac Knights brings for the first time the saga of Holy Seiya on the big screen live action. seiya (Mackenyu), a stubborn street youthspends his time with Fight to get money while Search for the kidnapped sister. When one of his fights unintentionally kicks off mystical powers that he didn’t know he had done it seiya engages in one World of Saints at Warold magic training It is a goddess reborn who needs your protection In order to survive, he must accept his fate and sacrifice everything for it take his rightful place among the Knights of the Zodiac.

Crater, (May 12) – Disney+

Caleb Channing (Russell-Bailey) grew up with one moon mining colony and is about to be permanently transferred to a idyllic distant planet after his father’s deathMescudi). Before he left, he and his family fulfilled his father’s last wish three best friends, dylan (Barratt), Borney (hong) And Marcus (Boyce), It is a newcomer from earth, Addison (Gracefulness), hijack a rover and begin the journey that will lead them to the discovery of a mysterious crater.

Rally Road Racers (May 12)

In this animated film realized by long live childrena colorful group of runners take part in one rally critically endangered along the famous trade route of the silk road.

The Immensity (May 16)

In the Rome the seventies, Clara and Felix You move into a new apartment. Despite the end of the marriage The two cannot separate. Clara pours all his desire for freedom into his children adrianathe eldest daughter, rejects her identity and wants to convince everyone that she is a boy.

Almost X (May 19)

Over many challenges and against impossible obstacles, Dominic Toretto and his family have, with cunning, courage and skill, defeated all enemies they met on their way Arthur Braga, Owen Shaw and his team. Now they face the deadliest opponent they have ever faced: Dante ReyesThe Son of the late Brazilian drug lord Hernan Reyesunited with cipherlooking for revenge for his father’s death Sun and his team.

The Little Mermaid (May 26)

Inspired by the ’89 classicone young mermaid make a deal with one sea ​​witch Trading her beautiful voice for human legs so she can explore the world above water to impress a prince.

Blood & Gold (May 26)

While I’m trying reunion with her daughterThe Deserter Heinrich And stopped by the SS. They decide to do so hang him to a tree, but at the last moment, the brave farmer Elsa Make it save it. The both are united by a common enemyand the struggle for justice and for their respective families. Thus begins a bloody hunt in search of a large quantity of Jewish gold, during which some sad secrets.

The Machine (May 26)

in one near futurecomplete Second Cold WarThe British Ministry of Defence is looking for a powerful weapon that could be a possible trump card. The Programmer Vincent McCarthy accidentally puts one Solution when setting up the machineA humanoid cyborgs originally designed for war purposes which will ultimately herald a new era in the world artificial intelligences.

Those were them title We encourage you to take a look this monthbut it’s not the only category we deal with: on our website you will indeed find themrubrics dedicated video games and at TV series May 2023.

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