LG technologies installed at Humanitas Istituto Clinico Catanese


Clinical Institute Humanitas of CataniaHealth center for southern Italy and the Mediterranean,I chose to install The innovative solutions ofLG Electronicsfrom the field of digital signage and commercial TV, within its own clinical facility, a competence center for oncological treatments, neurosurgery, orthopedics and rehabilitation.

With the move to the new headquarters, Humanitas in Catania was faced with the need to use cutting-edge technologies and to equip the hospital with appropriate tools to ensure quality long-distance communication for staff and patients. LG Electronics (which, as shown, is not only established in the gaming sector Here) meets the needs of the hospital structure by installing its own range of products Commercial TVAndMonitor the signage.


Regarding the commercial TV line, a number ofUltra HD TV43″ and 50″ screens equipped with Pro:Centric software for remote content management. Regarding the Monitor Signage line products, avideo wallsin 2×2 configuration with 0.9mm bezel and 500 nits of brightness. The conference rooms were equipped withinteractive whiteboardsfrom the 65TR3 UHD series, 4K resolution with 20 touch points. Also differentsignage monitorsof the 43″, 50″ and 65″ UL series, managed with the Supersign CMS software to allow remote control and management of content, have been installed and placed in the different public areas of the hospital.

L’interoperabilitybetween devices thatproduct qualityThesophistication of the designand theIntegrated remote control systemof contentSuperSign CMS and Pro CentricThese are the advantages that led the Humanitas Istituto Clinico Catanese to choose LG Electronics as the ideal partner for its establishment. The integrated software is suitable for large monitor installations and allows multiple users to access the server over the network and check the status of the monitors in real time, send commands and change settings. The centralization of content allows not only a significant reduction in TV customization maintenance times, but also a complete user experience with simple and intuitive interfaces, customizable content distribution and numerous additional services.


We are excited and proud that our digital signage and commercial TV products have been chosen by a center of excellence like Humanitas from Catania to set up the exhibition park in the new building“. he explainedMaurizio Manera, Business Development Manager at LG Electronics. “The selected devices, with their own functions and characteristics, respond immediately to the needs of the hospital and confirm LG’s ability to adapt to any type of business with its various product lines“.

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