Season 4 of Chapter 4 of Fortnite is here, here’s the news

Fourteen days

One of the most impactful changes in Season 4 of Fourteen days It is certainly the introduction of a new mechanic, the robbery, which consists in invading the rich vampire’s building Kado Thorne and steal from him one of the treasures he possesses, including the drum gun from Midas, the blast arc of nitroglycerin, the drinking barrel bottomless of the ocean, the Loading a shotgun from Kit, the Throws shockwave grenades from Kit, the Assault rifle MK7 the foundation and the Stinger machine gun by Gunnar.

The heists can be carried out in the new locations that have appeared on the map: block of carmine, Unstoppable Brook And dark opulence, zealously defended by cameras, laser grills and of terrible ones Kado Guardian. Among the weapons introduced this season we find the razzzariete, a rocket to drive that will allow us an easy escape that Infiltrator shotgunThe Scope Burst SMG,The Double Magazine Assault Rifle and that business tower,able to attack enemies autonomously.

Fourteen days

The optimizerTools that help the player in his adventure have been updated: An important new feature is the emergency bag, Includes the Junior Parachute, Remote Controlled Explosive, Razzariete and more. In addition to the optimizers, three weapons are also returning: theRemote controlled explosiveThe Sniper rifle with a silencer and that silenced gun, This time automatically.

Other introduced optimizers are the sniper huntwhich allows snipers to regenerate health when damaging an enemy, ammunition releasedwhich increases the ammo dropped by slain enemies, Launch Heavy Riflewhich increases the damage dealt by the first shot of a shotgun, gun salvowhich decreases the rate of fire of pistols but increases their damage, e.g Fast fishermanallowing you to swim faster and raid fishing spots instantly.

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