Layers Of Fear 11-minute gameplay released

The new layers of fear was announced with a teaser trailer on October 1, 2021 now a year and 5 months ago during the summer game festival and will come out at June this year, On March 17th, a few months after its release, Bloober Studio released a new 11-minute gameplay trailer.

In the gameplay trailer they show a first section of the gameplay with new mechanics and graphics in Unreal Engine 5. As we already know, this new Layers Of Fear will not be completely “new” since it will be a union of the first two chapters plus the DLC remastered in Unreal Engine 5 guise, and an all new and unexplored chapter.

The main improvements that will be made to the existing and remastered chapters are the use of the innovative Unreal Engine 5 lumen system, the resolution of up to 4K HDR and the use of ray tracing.

Layers Of Fear will be available in June pc, PS5 And Xbox Series X and S

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