Project Leonardo: the accessible PlayStation controller

Last January, on the occasion of CES extension from Las Vegas, Playstation announced for the first time Project Leonardoa controller born to give all gamers – whatever their conditions – easier, more convenient and longer to play on PS5.

In the video posted on PlayStation Italy The Senior Technical Program Manager From YES IS, Alvin Daniel, the accessibility design researcher From sleepless games, Sam Schaffel, And Accessibility consultant Paul Lane They introduce themselves by describing their disability and their first experiences with it Project Leonardohow important, but most importantly, insightful was the testers’ feedback, which led Alvin and other team engineers to see new ways and configurations for using the controller. Paul ask them too Alvin From where PlayStation have felt this interest in creating something accessible to all, e.g Alvin responds exactly with what is the motto of PlayStation: Play has no limits.

Project Leonardo

Alvin He also explains that creating it was a big challenge for the team Project LeonardoVarious non-profit organizations are also involved in the design and creation process, such as Skilled gamers, special effect And Stack up. Alvin He also explains how the help of the associations and testers was very useful for the development team to solve the 3 main problems that the controller had to solve: it was unquestionable, easy to press buttons And the levers. As shown in the video, the kit is fully user customizable, allowing the controller to adapt to the player. Sam then explains how the cool features of Project Leonardo integrates seamlessly with the accessibility settings found in the latest titles of sleepless gamesso that all players can play and enjoy their titles to the fullest.

For more information on Project Leonard, see Playstation blog or watch the video below.

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