Sonic Frontier’s first DLC announced

Sonic Frontiers

On March 20, Sega was the first to announce this Sonic Frontiers DLC will come out March 23 at 01:00 CET At PS4/PS5, Xbox One Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and Steam. It’s the first of three content updates planned for this year that were announced in detail 4 months ago now Hereand adds new features including a jukebox, photo mode and new challenge modes.

  • New challenge modes: After completing the main story, players can access the new challenge modes: Cyber ​​​​​​Space Challenge and Turbo Battle, which can be accessed from the home screen. Cyber ​​​​​​Space Challenge is a timed mode in which players challenge the clock to successively complete different levels of cyber​​space. Aside from that, Sonic Frontiers features Turbo Battle, a timed battle mode that pits you against multiple enemies, Guardians, and Titans at once.
  • Photo mode: Players can immortalize the moments they spent on the Starfall Islands by accessing Photo Mode from the pause menu. The game is paused and a camera appears to be used with freedom of movement.
  • Jukebox: Players can listen to their favorite Sonic tracks anywhere in the Starfall Islands thanks to the new jukebox. Players have instant access to 13 of the 53 available songs and can unlock the remaining 40 by collecting Sound Memories on each island.+

Sonic Frontiers

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