Kill it With Fire VR Review – Peace has never been an option

Kill it with Fire VR

Kill it with Fire VR Review|Undisturbed by human eyes and attention, every day whole legions of creepy crawlies scurrying around undisturbed on the edge of our rooms: when we notice the unfortunate ones – and cause a heart attack – they very often end up with a fine. If what I have described bothers and fascinates you at the same time, maybe the review we want to offer you today could be something for you. In Kill it With Fire VR we will actually be wearing a visor and rubber gloves Start a successful career as an insect killer. fruit of the labor of Casey Donnellan And magic gamesthis title will eventually become your obsession or your nightmare.

Kill it with Fire VR

Kill it With Fire VR: Somebody’s gotta do it

The premises of this title are available on steamPSVR and Oculus Quest 2 (where we had the opportunity to try it ourselves) we have already illustrated them for you: our task is to free customers’ houses from eight-legged demons.A seemingly simple task, but as we will quickly understand if we wear the viewer and start the game, Nothing is as it seems. In fact, a seemingly mundane job like that of an exterminator is enriched with a rather curious twist.

In Kill it With Fire VR we will not be a simple technician pest controlbut rather a bug-killing war machine! And indeed, given their high numbers and the advanced stealth strategies they will use to challenge us, very often we will be faced with different and varied options to eradicate them all.

Provided, of course, we have the courage to attack these fearsome creatures, the title makes perfect use of virtual reality, mentally condition us and keep us from touching insects with incredulous realism.

Kill it with Fire VR

Kill it With Fire VR: Don’t try this at home

Kill it With Fire VR does a great job of stepping us through all the experiences it offers us. Constitutes itself as a decidedly free and sandbox VR experiencearticulated with the apt formula of the levels that can offer us short game sessions and also suitable for virtual reality newbies more exposed to motion sickness or motion sickness if you prefer. In the beginning we have to pair the beasts the old-fashioned way… with the first item that comes within reach, a book, a slipper or a cassette.

As we hone our techniques, we equip a powerful one exoticlet’s start at experience devices of destruction that gradually become more and more powerful and imaginative, with quite an apt choice of design and creativity. Spiders and other little monsters They move around or stay hiddentry to escape our watchful eye and focus the gameplay in one hunt Real facilitated by the navigability of the game environments.

Point for the experience is certainly that powerful arsenal at our disposal, among which stands out the glorified flamethrower, which gives its name to the work itself, nothing more than a Accrocco consisting of a can of hairspray, a lighter and a rubber band, simple but enormously effective armament. One of the greatest entertainments of Kill it With Fire VR is experimenting with the weapons at our disposal, which can sometimes produce strange effects.

Kill it with Fire VR

Kill it With Fire VR: Destruction in full swing!

In Kill it With Fire VR, one of the most interactive parts of the experience will be right there environmental destruction which can be caused by both spiders and us players; do one before and after of the environments at the end of our hunt is one of the activities that we can undertake, in addition to exploring the different levels that make up the title. The music, calm at firstthen of increasing tension with the evidence of insects, does a good job of increasing anxiety and urgency in addressing the threat of arthropods.

If we spot any bugs in this title, maybe we’ll take a look Responsiveness of game props, which are sometimes particularly difficult to manipulate even with an immersive and simple controller like that of Meta Quest 2: in order to be able to reach the gizmo of each object, we have to twist our wrists in a rather bizarre way, even risking the devices slipping out of our hands.

Kill it With Fire VR is a nice and satisfying title (especially if you hate spiders): its sandbox nature combined with a considerable freedom of play allows us to recommend it to both beginners in the world of VR looking for simple titles to experiment with , and for the more experienced who will find in this work a refreshing touch of novelty and options for short and amusing sessions.

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