Dead Island 2: Extended trailer released

A little less than 2 months after its release, Dambuster Studios released an extended gameplay trailer by dead island 2 with all the new graphics, sound and gameplay that the title will bring April 21, 2023.

Armed with an array of weapons, each with its own brutal combat style and endless upgrade possibilities, the player will be able to defeat Zombies Standard (walker, graduation, runner), Variants (Grenadier Walker) and alpha (Hypermutated Zombies), each with unique powers and behaviors.

Thanks to the decomposition technology of Dambuster Studiosnote how MEAT (Fully Locational Evisceration System for Humanoids) it will be possible to crush bones, slice zombies and melt flesh like never before. Not only will this be scenic, but it will allow you to take full advantage and hit the zombies at their weakest points deal more damage to him or take off his limbs make you do it slower or harmless.

dead island 2

Thanks again to the system MEATWeapons will make dismemberment more satisfying than ever, with edged weapons defined as “butter knife“with hammers like”perfect for shredding bones and smashing your way through crowds“. You will not fail in the title le weaponsuseful for remote engagement, e.g activate deadly traps And explosions. Thanks to the countless working tables on the map, the player can customize his weapons status changes (fire, acid, electricity, etc.) e Advantages (increased damage to limbs, damage increases with increasing combo, zombie damage can heal players, etc.). They too will be present throwable items what will allow distract the meat eaters or do them jump in the air. The result will always be bloody.

Players will also be able to combine a powerful set of Skill Tabsto hone her skills and adapt them to her playstyle while helping Dani work her way through the first part of the game. These allow you to dodge, parry, take down the zombies on the ground, or throw powerful punches on the ground that can stun the surrounding zombies. Thanks to the partial immunity to the virus, it will also be possible to activate the mode Fury become a Number, Gain the strength and speed of zombies to tear your enemies to pieces.

dead island 2

We remember that too dead island 2 has a limited edition, the Dead Island 2 HELL-A Edition, filled with unique items to help any fan immerse themselves.

The HELL-A Edition includes:

  • An exclusive SteelBook with game CD
  • expansion passes
  • Venice Beach travel map
  • 6 x Zombie Killer Tarot Cards
  • 2 x pens
  • 1 * Patch
  • Golden Weapon Pack
  • Pulp Weapon Pack
  • Character Pack 1 & 2

Players who pre-order any edition of dead island 2 receive the Memories of Banoi Pack, which includes two unique weapons celebrating the original Dead Island game and a special skill sheet.

The Memories of Banoi Pack includes:

  • Banoi Club
  • Banoi memories baseball bat
  • Weapon Bonus – Balance
  • Skill Tab: Personal Area

Also featured is a hand-painted resin collectible figure of Amy at the iconic Burger 66 restaurant after a zombie-killing session.

dead island 2 will come out April 21, 2023 At Xbox Series X And Xbox OneMicrosoft all-in-one gaming and entertainment systems, entertainment systems PlayStation 5 And PlayStation 4 And Epic game store For pc.

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