“Gran Turismo – The Story of an Impossible Dream” is not for racing fans

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo – The Story of an Impossible Dream Review |With the publication ofGran Turismo 7,Fans of the historical title of polyphony Digital from all over the world were able to enjoy the rush of speed with a solid, technically excellent and, above all, very entertaining game. However, when it was announced shortly after the release of the simulator that the project was one Gran Turismo film should have been made, the news of the failure of the previous attempt, which was canceled in 2018, came back to our minds. Therefore, when the first trailer of the film dedicated to GT was released in May, we were curious but at the same time skeptical about the actual success of the film. According to the vision, the work of the director Neill Blomkamp Will it have made us think? Let’s find out together.

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The (more or less) true story of Jann Mardenborough

The film deals with the events they witnessed Jann Mardenborough,Gran Turismo Sim Racer, win a place atGT Academyand become a real pilot. However, the definition of a biographical film is not entirely correct, as many elements have been revised in favor of a more exciting narrative.

In terms of plot, it’s quite captivating, even if the pace is a bit too hectic at times. The transition between a virtual and a real pilot is not sufficiently regulated and the transformation seems all too easy. More importance is given to obtaining a place in the academy than to learning and improving behind the wheel of the protagonist, who almost inexplicably catapults himself into a European Championship at the highest level.

Furthermore, Jann’s interpersonal relationships have not been sufficiently explored. If the relationship with parents takes up a good percentage of the first part of the film, As soon as the sim racer gets behind the wheel of his Nissan GTR, his family disappears and with it the entire story arc that affects them, except he briefly returns at the end. In the same way, The protagonist’s love story plays a minor role in the film and has no bite provided that it is never put to the test, also due to the short duration.

The relationship between the new pilot and the chief engineer is somewhat more interesting Jack Salter played excellently David Harbouralthough his character hardly differs from the usual sketchtalented old mentor who didn’t make it and who finds redemption in his protégé’s success.

Gran Turismo film review: From the PlayStation to the cinema |  CAR Magazine

A racing film, not for racing fans

To be clear, let’s get straight to the film’s sore point: It It is not intended for racing fans, but for the general public. Gran Turismo – The Story of an Impossible Dream In fact, it is anything but a faithful representation of the world of auto racing. The film shows several disturbing and completely unrealistic behavior by the race management, which gives out miserable yellow flags after almost fatal accidents and does not punish obvious attempts to kill people in traffic. Furthermore, the management of the gaps between cars is crazy to say the least: gaps of more than five seconds could be made up within a few laps and positions captured extremely quickly.

Finally, Jann and his friends from the academy are taking part in the event 24 Hours of Le Mans it’s pretty decontextualized and botched, not to say completely far-fetched.

While the decision to over-romanticize the world of automobile racing is understandable, we’re sure it will turn up the noses of any viewer unlucky enough to understand anything about the world of motorsports.

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Shiny frames and roaring engines

Even though the film has serious gaps in terms of narrative coherence, the technical side of the film is more than convincing.It’s clear to see that enormous care was taken both in the computer graphics, even if they could be a bit intrusive at times, and especially in the sound of the film. The music is captivating and consistent with what is shown on the screen, and the sound effects are exciting. The roar of the super sports car engines gives you goosebumps and immediately makes even the laziest of spectators want to get in the car and do a few laps on the racetrack.

Equally pleasing are the effects aimed at simulating the game’s interface. Although they are sometimes used in clips of real races, the viewer will never lose the sense of immersion

“Gran Turismo” gets a behind-the-scenes trailer

In summary, we believe this Gran Turismo – The Story of an Impossible Dream is an entertaining but not unmissable film that sacrificed the coherence of the world of engines in order to appeal to a wider audience. We at VMAG weren’t entirely happy with the film, but thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, it can definitely please the average viewer.

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