Valorant: the new agent Gekko

valorants it never stops updating and continues to expand its roster of playable characters, introducing new ones with an enviable frequency. In the last few months we have witnessed the placement Harbor, an agent that was underestimated at first, but has proven to be a powerful option for players, especially when it comes to professional areas. This initial distrust is becoming more common these days, due to the low level of game knowledge and lack of teamwork that typifies newcomers.

A similar phenomenon had occurred upon the arrival of fading, a dark agent flanked by a troublesome demon. However, the new agent gecko could have an easier life. Riot games announced the arrival of the 22nd character on the roster, timed to coincide with the start of the new act next week.


gecko He is a special character, a young Californian boy who is accompanied by four animals that he can command. The first creature is Dizzya curious little animal that can be thrown like a grenade and will have the ability to blind people it meets along the way, like a bird of Heaven. Like all other skills, Dizziness can be collected and later reused after charging. wingman is an ability we’ll certainly see nerfed in the first few weeks of the act, a small armadillo with a trigger mechanic akin to a Boombot Spoilsport but able to stun enemies, plant bombs and defuse them. Last but not least, Mosch It’s a green jelly that can be thrown on the ground and creates an area of ​​damage that increases over time.

The fish you saw in the previous picture is trashy, Gekko’s ultimate. Trash can be controlled by our character in first-person perspective and aimed at enemies, both to find out their position and to stun them and prevent them from using their weapons.

We found a handy video that shows you in detail what these skills and the new character look like revolt.

If you are a lover of valorants and its ever expanding universe, here is a Article what might work for you.

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