Poly Bridge 3 Review: Machines and Bridges


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Polybridge 3 is a simulation game developed by dry cacti and shared with Linux, macOS And Window. The official release of the third chapter of the series took place on May 30, 2023, at the beginning of the summer period: the Game It presents itself as a perfect pastime that can appeal to a wide range of users and age groups. Here is our review.

Polybridge 3

Simplicity that pays off

The big developer houses are slowly abandoning simplicity and full steam ahead towards a landscape composed of complex mechanics, cinematic graphics and stratospheric budgets. Polybridge 3whereas entering the gaming market like a fish out of water, swim against the tide and keep what is one simple but extremely special style.

The purpose of the series has always been one: to build bridges. However, the developers managed to come up with innovative solutions and tricks that would allow the player to do it Building bridges in infinite ways: from the most linear to the most twisted structures, from overcoming a ship in transit to overflying an airplane, from using wood to nylon ropes.

Polybridge 3

Something nobody talks about

The game is full of different missions, increasingly difficult challenges and new goals to achieve. However, one thing that escapes many is the beauty of the setting, the colors and the design in all its forms. The main campaign offers us 11 locations that will serve as the backdrop for our challengesfull of animated objects and small details.

The design remains connected to the previous titles, maintaining a cartoon and highly intuitive style. THE Colors They are beautiful and balanced and can create a relaxed atmosphere for players of all ages. There country soundtrackFinally, it conveys the playful and social vibe typical of Poly Bridge, but can become repetitive in the long run.

mechanics and challenges

Each of the locations usually offers a large number of missions surmountable by allowing the car to reach the finish line. Other important parameters are the total effort for the construction of the bridge and the effort to which the structure is exposed: if the player falls below a certain threshold, they receive a badge and complete the mission at 100%.

As expected, the challenges can be completed in different ways, both in terms of methods and materials: for example, we will be able to build the bridge completely freehand or with one of the others construction tools. Finally, among the available materials we can find wooden boards, steel boards, ropes and much more.


Power the users!

One of the novelties of the third chapter is the mode sandboxes (and the workshops related): The development team had the unhealthy idea of ​​putting a very powerful weapon in the hands of the user, thereby opening the door to madness and ingenious creations. As expected, the players showed great artistic and mental ability and put in a performance endless list of new and different missions.

These tools, which are becoming more and more common in the gaming world, increase the replay value of the title tremendously, shifting the experience away from the main campaign alone. Another participation factor is i scores and the rankings: The player is guided to build better and better bridges and to study techniques and methods that increase their structural efficiency.

In summary, Poly Bridge 3 is a timeless game for everyone, able to overcome any social barrier thanks to a winning formula of bridges and challenges. The richness of different landscapes and situations, the infinite possibilities of overcoming and the availability of a creation system like the sandbox make this title a small video game pearl. The only “lack” is the lack of innovation compared to the previous title: a not entirely negligible feature.

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