Warner Bros. dominates the summer

Warner Bros

After so many memes, jokes and laughs, Barbie And Shark 2: The Abyss have finally been released in Italian cinemas and have surprisingly led to the mother Warner Bros over and beyond 1 million receiptsmaking her the Warner Bros. Discovery queen of the summer.

Barbie—Warner Bros. Discovery

After a spooky collection collected by Barbieleaded by Greta Gerwighas also arrived in cinemas shark 2: the abyss,new masterpiece by Ben Wheatley with star Jason Statham which continues the story of the greatest predator of all seas. On the success of the two films: Alessandro AraimoGeneral Manager Italy & Iberia of Warner Bros. Discovery, expresses his satisfaction:

Warner Bros. Discovery Strategically, it continues to believe in summer and this year it triumphs at the box office with two exceptional results. ‘Barbie‘ is a truly global phenomenon, an unstoppable race at the box office in which Italy plays a leading role. Adding to this incredible result is last weekend’s data.Shark 2 – The Abyss‘, a film capable of captivating a large and curious audience. Thanks to these excellent figures from June 1st to today, the titles Warner Bros. Discovery they accounted for almost 40% of the total income, in the month of July it was 50%


The phenomenon ‘Barbie‘ makes history by hitting the billion dollar mark worldwide Greta Gerwig and that the first female director to crown this result: ‘Barbie‘ remains the first summer selection for Italian viewers, reaching over €24m in sales with over €3m over the weekend. This makes it the highest-grossing film of 2023 and the highest-grossing film of all time (since 1995) for a film that hit theaters in July. With over €2 million in the first weekend, the Megalodons of ‘Shark 2 – The Abyssare in second place at the box office with an exceptional result and are rightly among the top 10 best openings of 2023.

“Warner Bros. Discovery continues to make history in Italy,” continues Alessandro Araimo. “This result is further proof that summer is a peak for blockbusters and manages to make happy and excited audiences want to try the magic of cinema once again.” July and August on the big screen”

You can find them above Trailer From Shark 2: The Abysswhile here you can find news about the Pokémon Presents that took place today.

The Warner Bros contribution dominates the first call of the summer in VIGAMUS Magazine – the magazine about the world of video games.

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