Video games and MotoGP: the most popular titles

MOTOGP23, press kit

The new title linked to MotoGP 23 has been officially announced by Milestone: the release is scheduled for June 8 for all major consoles. The video game allows the player to put on the shoes of the official riders of the season and compete for MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and Moto E. The real novelty compared to other simulators of this genre concerns the career mode: with this path the player can immerse himself at 360° in the entire MotoGP universe. In fact, in addition to the part closely related to racing, the user is also asked to maintain relationships with the other drivers, with the members of the team and in general with all the collaborators who work daily in the motor world. An important novelty related to the 2023 title is the weather: the dynamic weather conditions force the player to implement real strategies linked to one setup rather than another, since a dry race is very different from what a wet race is is required. In short, it’s an exciting video game for everyone who lives and follows motorcycling at 360 degrees, who follows challenges on TV or even knows about it Betting on MotoGP Grand Prix. The audience is diverse.

However, MotoGP 23 is not the only title linked to the world of two-wheeled motors. In fact, one of the legends of this sport, Valentino Rossi, recently announced his Moto Island, a video game based on the world of motors but developed in the form of an open world. This category does not usually concern sports titles of any kind, since the main feature of this type of games is that the player has full freedom of movement within the entire world created in the video game. In this case, however, the user has the possibility to independently choose the location of his ride, whether city or country, snowy road or not, and above all, he can also customize the bike to the physical appearance of one’s avatar.

The novelty announced by the ex-pilot Rossi, 2021 to retire, is in a way chipping away at Milestone’s near-monopoly on MotoGP-related titles, or at least will try to. In fact, it’s the only developer that has been developing titles of this genre since the year 2000, always receiving excellent acclaim from critics and all sports enthusiasts. According to opinions from industry newspapers and sites, as well as player reviews, the best titles are MotoGP 17, MotoGP 18 and MotoGP 19. On the sidelines, however, are the last two releases, 20 and 21: the last release dates of the series back to April 22, 2021 and the new title interrupts more than two years absence from the market.

The playability of other titles present on smartphones or in the main online game collectors is instead infinitely lower than the names mentioned above: in fact, they are simple pastimes to be played for a few minutes where it is often enough , move your smartphone or cursor to avoid obstacles, but nothing to do with a full-blown motorcycle race and with any strategies that can be implemented for ultimate victory.

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