Apulia Digital Experience: the new digital frontier

Puglia Digital Experience

Finally, after a long time since the beginning of the digital age, even theItaly appears on the international stage the first Made in Italy conference dedicated to digital innovation in the creative sector, the Apulia Digital Experience.

There Creativity and innovations It is ADE keywordsEvent to take place Bari from that November 10th to 12th, 2023: The three days will host exclusive and in-depth meetings with leading personalities Belonging to the various digital and creative sectors. Among the different topics that are covered we find the Role of artificial intelligence in the world of media, art and creativity; the evolution of storytelling in the metaverse; There ever closer connection between culture and video games and the use of video games in the classroom.

Puglia Digital Experience

THE panel The events on the program are varied and very interesting and have a single aim: to integrate a pan-Italian vision into a historically international theme and panorama. Here are some of the panels you can find:

  • Brand storytelling in the age of the metaversededicated to the development of immersive and multidimensional narratives in the context of brand image;
  • The future of Italian visual effects in the global industrywith a focus on modern technologies that enable the reinvention of visual storytelling;
  • The digital renaissance of Italian artfor a story that can enable immersive experiences through augmented and virtual reality;
  • Artificial voices in synchronizationto delve deeper into the role and consequences of the use of synthetic voices through ethical considerations and analysis of potential impacts on the industry.

Puglia Digital Experience

The program also offers two competitions for creatives and Italian and/or international companies:

  • Competition Telling the story of Puglia with artificial intelligencewith its five finalists includes young Italian talents and their ambitious projects;
  • the project Digital Licensing Excellence AwardsWith fifteen finalists, it is the world’s first competition dedicated to digital brands. Among the participating finalists were, for example Projects for the Made in Italy metaverse And famous brands around the worldincluding three human-like avatars in the “Digital Influencer” category..

Puglia Digital Experience

Puglia Digital Experience is organized by Puglia Film Commission And Rai Comfinanced by Puglia regionpromoted by Rai and made under the Artistic Director From Roberto Genovesi.

If you are interested in further information and news on the topicPuglia Digital ExperienceYou can read the followingArticle.

The article “Apulia Digital Experience: The New Digital Frontier” first appeared in VIGAMUS Magazine – the magazine about the world of video games.

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