Termoli Comics & Games: exceeds all expectations

Termoli comics and games

The Termoli Comics & Games It’s a new fair, a touch of freshness in a consolidated and well-structured Italian panorama. The two on the serverknown individually as Nicola “Redez” Palmieri And Mario “Synergo” Palladinothey managed to create something special, different – and maybe better – than anything they had done before (and it was difficult to do better).

The numbers are not important, but it is right to point out with facts what an exceptional result is: More than 50,000 people attended the event and explored a welcoming city full of beauties, hidden or not.

Termoli comics and games

The fairas you read in the description, It’s a collection of positive points: everything is fine, everything is clean, everything is incredibly well organized (except for the directions, but it doesn’t depend on the organizer). The staff, with whom we had the opportunity to meet several times during the course of the event, were extremely accommodating professional and coordinateddespite the participation of more than 160 people.

There were many guests: Karim “Yotobi” Musa, Arnaldo “Barbaroffa” Pangia, fraws From Let’s talk video gamesthe unforgettable Sabaku no Maiku but also Jematria, Chair with 2 legs, Boban Pesov and many others. The timing allowed everyone to express themselves to the best of their ability and enriched the fair with always interesting and different themes, stories and experiences.

The Termoli Comics & Games It is special because it is made with love and care: The goal was to make everyone happy, like a mother would do with her children walking past the parade Cosplay to post-clubbing, from sausage rolls to fried fish, from painters to video game developers.

For a moment I leave the role of a journalist and slip into that of a fan, a person who has explored this world in all its forms and observed it from all angles: The opportunity to talk to the protagonists and to be able to laugh with the staff was magical but mainly, See live people you’ve been following for years on the screens, in such a calm and convivial environment (and that for three days in a row). It’s an experience not to be missed!

Termoli comics and games

We followed suit this year too Cartoons on the Bay From Pescaradon’t miss this awards!

The contribution Termoli Comics & Games: exceeds all expectations, first appearance in VIGAMUS Magazine – the magazine about the world of video games.

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