Cartoons on the Bay 2023: Unreal Engine and Innovation

Cartoons on the Bay

A very important issue in the world and in the industry is undoubtedly innovation. Over the years, the technologies used continue to evolve and improve, reaching unprecedented levels. So 2023 was a year full of goals and absolute records, such as the success of the space shuttle spaceship From Elon mask or the domain of the new artificial intelligences. And it is precisely on innovation that the committee of the Cartoons on the Bay dubbed “Unreal Engine, meeting point between video game and animation”.
The meeting was attended by industry experts who discussed the potential of this software in the world of animation and cross-media work. Marco Accordi Rickardsdirector of GamePro And GamesVillage as well as a member of the editorial board of Cartoons on the Bay and advisor to the section Interactive animationintroduced the panel and emphasized the importance of cross-media and cross-technologies and their possible uses unreal enginethe famous game engine, in the new production limits.
Cartoons on the Bay
The first featured guest was Joan da SilvaEducation Advisor for epic games, who spoke of the application of the engine in the field of animation, implying, for example, the exploitation of real time. Hereinafter: Maurice Forestieri presented the action comedy Alex playerthe first children’s animation program on the theme of e-sports, co-produced in 2022 by Cyber​​Group Studios And Graphilm entertainment and made with an innovative technique that is only possible thanks to unreal engine. The engine made the production process smoother and faster, including creating the concept storyboard. 
As the third guest told Mihoko Soulie From Cyber​​Group StudiosAs a matter of fact, unreal engine It allowed details to be displayed in real-time, improving upon the traditional pre-rendering of animation products. Robert ForestieriFinally, he mentioned the revolutionary aspect of this new production method in the world of project management through the possibility to review content or request changes much faster.
Cartoons on the Bay
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