TV series February 2024: The return of the legend

January is finally over and a new month awaits us, the shortest of all, but no less interesting. As usual, VMAG recommends the best TV series coming out in the next 29 days. Have fun while reading!

A Lucky Damn Day – February 1st (Paramount+)

This South Korean thriller series directed by GDP Gam-Sung is about a long-unhappy taxi driver who suddenly finds himself faced with a series of favorable events after accompanying a mysterious passenger. However, events are reversed when the man accompanying her is revealed to be a serial killer who has committed terrible atrocities.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith – February 2nd (Prime Video)

Based on the film he saw of the same name Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie As two deadly spies serving a secret agency, the series promises fun and excitement. Part of a star-studded cast, Donald Glover And Maya Erskine They will follow in the footsteps of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

One Day – February 8th (Netflix)

The “Romantic dramedy” tells the story of Emma Morley And Dexter Mayhewtwo young fiancées who met for the first time on graduation night, July 15, 1988. Each episode of the series shows how the couple's lives change over the years, showcasing the changes, challenges and adventures.

Halo: Season 2 – February 8 (Paramount+)

Master Chief returns to the small screen and does it in style: this time John-117 He must defeat an alien threat that wants to attack Earth thanks to a mysterious and powerful artifact. Halo Season 2 will release on Paramount+ on February 8, 2024.

A Killer Paradox – February 9th (Netflix)

This crime comedy tells the story of a boy who gets caught up in a series of murders after an unfortunate accident and the detective who hunts him. Who will win? Discover it with us from February 8th Netflix.

The New Look – February 14th (Apple TV+)

This new series of Apple is inspired by true events and is shot entirely in the city of Paris: the fashion world in the post-war French capital is full of rivalries like those between them Dior And Chaneluntil you come to Balenciaga, Givenchy Cardin And Saint Laurent. The new look will allow us to take a deeper look at these clashes and immerse ourselves in an interesting story full of twists and turns.

Love is Blind: Season 6 – February 14 (Netflix)

Love is blind is a reality show that shows the adventures of numerous couples as they struggle to plan their wedding: the big problem, however, is that the engaged couples have never met in person and everything could change. Will they be able to confirm their love before the big day or will they stop after seeing their partner in person?

Star Wars The Bad Batch: Season 3 – February 21 (Disney+)

The series follows the events of the clones of Bad batch (introduced in The war of Clones) deals with the passion and turmoil of post-intergalactic conflict. If you like animation and the universe of war of starsthis sci-fi action is for you.

Constellation – February 21 (Apple TV+)

This psychological thriller follows the story of an astronaut named Joe who returns to Earth after a space disaster but finds that essential parts of his life are missing. On February 21st we will be able to find out whether Joe will be able to put the pieces back together and regain control of their destiny.

Messi's World Cup: The Rise of a Legend – February 21 (Apple TV+)

This episodic documentary is based on all editions of the World Cup played Lionel Messi, until the historic victory in December 2022. The champion shares background information and personal reflections on his career and the challenges he faced.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – February 22 (Netflix)

On a planet that has historically been protected by a Avatarsthe guardian of the elements responsible for maintaining the balance of the world, the Fire Nation launches an attack and declares war Air Nomads. A new avatar must enter the field to resolve the conflict and finally restore peace.

Pokémon Horizon: The Series – February 23 (Netflix)

The new adventure of Pokémon will appear on our televisions on February 23, 2024. Lico And Roy They are our protagonists, ready to take on new challenges and meet new friends in the process.

Shogun – February 27 (Netflix)

Set in feudal Japan, Shogun tells the adventures of two men and a mysterious woman: an English lord shipwrecked in the Land of the Rising Sun, a powerful and cunning Daimio, and a samurai with a dishonorable family.

Iwaju – February 28 (Disney+)

Disney presents this fascinating science fiction animated series set in Lagoswhich deals with issues of class, innocence and challenging the status quo.

The Mire Millenium: Season 3 – February 28 (Netflix)

The Mire Millennium returns and with it his secrets: As time goes on, the past becomes more and more burdensome for our characters. How will they overcome the challenges that lie ahead?

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