The Rome Video Game Lab 2024 ends on a high note

On the day of Sunday, January 28th Ended on the Rome Video Game Lab 2024a large, dedicated festival to the video game industry, music and cinema, takes place in the renowned Auditorium Parco della MusicaEnnio Morricone. That's it show From Angelo Maggi “The Double Actor: The Voice Beyond the Darkness”On this day there were two beautiful events that took place one after the other Borgna Studio Theater: the performance of Jazz Campus Orchestra and that Cosplay competition From Epicos.

Jazz Campus Orchestra

The performance took place from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m Jazz Campus Orchestraan orchestra consisting of young artists who performed some well-known pieces of music from the video game world, Arranged and reworked by the boys in a jazz key. One of the most interesting features of this performance was actually the Children’s participation in the event of the various pieces, supervised and supported by their conductor Massimo Nunzi. Everything started as a project Music for Rome Foundation.

Among the various pieces brought along are the new interpretations of Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. And Mario Kartfollowed by a solo interlude from Katamari which ended with two pieces taken out Street fighter and the very famous Tetris. The presenter intervened throughout the performance Federico Ercolewhich he explained from time to time the history of the different songs and their meaning.

Rome Video Game Lab

Epicos cosplay competition

The meeting took place from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m Cosplay competition, a show that allowed the appearance of many masked talents, young and old. The topics were very diverse: from very current Hazbin HotelAt the Japanese pop culture with Bungo Stray Dogsuntil American classics with DC and Marvel. Special participation outside of the competition Wasama Creative Factory and his incredible cosplays from Ironman Hulk Buster, BumbleBee and Warhammer 40k.

At the end of the event the Awards has through 4 competition judgesIndustry experts like cleliuz_ And akakitsune_cosplay . There were 6 prizes and one of the winners also qualified for that Cosplay Italian Cup, organized by Epicos. The first of the prizes announced was this one Childrendedicated to young people Cosplayers under 13 years oldwon by two girls who were playing Mommy Long Legs by Poppy Playtime.

Rome Video Game Lab

The Price for the Best performance His character was taken home by a cosplayer who showed off her version of it Keyleth from Vox Machina while the price pleases Best Modeling, i.e. the best presentation to the jury went a great version of Esmeralda out of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The last three awards were like this Best groupreceived from Hades and Hercules out of Herculesthe price for Best tailoringfor everything about sewing with needle and thread, won by Cosplay by Lucy Gray from The Hunger Games.and the price for Best craftsmanshipregarding the creation of props or non-sewn costume pieces gained from Cosplay Nanachi from Made in Abysswho recreated a scene from the opera on stage.

Among all these wonderful cosplays, there was one in the end Lucy Grey win by decision of the judges, the possibility of access to the Italian Cosplay Cup From Epicos, a national competition that recognizes the best cosplay in Italy.

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