Italians abroad tell their story in the Roma Video Game Lab

During the Rome Video Game LabFestival organized by Cinecitta And Music for Rome FoundationWe had the opportunity to attend an interesting discussion about the brain drain in the gaming industry: four Italian professionals from the gaming industry told us in detail about their adventure abroad.

First, the moderator Giorgio Catania The panel introduces us to a study conducted by the company Excaliber: Thanks to clear and concise graphics, we discover that the average age of a Italian worker abroad is 36 years old, most of them have that more than 10 years in the industry, which are among the countries with the most Italian workers in the sector England, Sweden and Spainand so much more.

Specific data concerns the educational qualifications of Italian workers abroad: Well 35% of workers only have a college degree. Most employees tend to do this Stay with a company for 3 to 5 years before moving while an important part of the contracts appears to be one indefinite durationof which the 50% includes a gross salary between 50,000 and 100,000 euros per year.

Then our four protagonists enter the scene (from left to right): Alessio Giuseppe Cali, Gameplay programmer at Larian Studios in England, Lisa Gobbi, Environmental artist at Avalanche studios in Liverpool, Gero Miccichè, executive producer at Electronic Arts in England e.g Giordano B. “Torgianni”, Brand Marketing Manager At the HoYoverse in Shanghai.

Rome Video Game Lab

Jordan He tells us that working in video games was something foreign to him, something in which he saw no hope of finding work. It started as a tracker by English to Italian But he soon decided to expand his knowledge by learning Chinese and getting a degree Degree in Oriental Studies. Then he decided to go there Beijing where he found work in the gaming industry Tencent. He currently lives and works in Shanghai.

Gero He tells us that the position he now holds is the result of this a search for new stimuli. Born as a journalist and television channel manager, he decided to focus on the video game sector he found it stimulatingprepare three prototypes and looking for financing. Despite the failure, the prototypes created allowed him to create himself a small portfolio that I would allow him to try new positions at a company that made educational games Milan. In the future he entered Gameloft To Bhudapestclosely with Disney, but was soon called up Electronic Arts where he eventually worked on titles like Need for Speed: Unbound And Battlefield 2042.

Rome Video Game Lab

That's what we have then Lisa: of Campanian origin, he decides to obtain one Degree in Economics and develops a passion for the world of gaming and plays titles like War equipment, Counterattack and many others. Following her passion, Lisa begins to organize tournaments and events in the industry, but it is only with the arrival of that she realizes that she wants to change her life Gamescom and collaboration with Multiplayer. Lisa therefore decides to do it Enter the Academy For Become an artist is doing an internship in OvoSonicThen Milestones, CodeMasters And Avalanche studioswith the opening of the new studio in Liverpool. Lisa tells us that her decision to leave Italy depends on a number of factors: desperation, desire to learn more and improve, desire to test herself and work in international and professionalized environments like the English one.

For AlexeiAfter all, it has always been his dream to work in the world of video games. Start self-taught programming During high school and his years in the physics department, Alessio quickly realized that programming games was all he wanted to do. That's why he completed his studies Computer Science ToUniversity of Catania and starts sending resumes to gaming companies until he gets a job Ubisoft Bulgaria For Assassin's Creed Valhalla. He worked there for 3 years and expanded his knowledge through practical experience and excellent performance Mentors. He is currently working in England In Larian Studios.

These professionals showed us the victories and defeats of their careers: hundreds of ignored applications, sleepless nights studying, closed companies and layoffs, expired visas and countries far from their home country. However, despite the thousand difficulties Nothing could discourage them and they reached the pinnacle of what they love to do.

Rome Video Game Lab

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