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At the end of the festival the… Rome Video Game Lab The host was one of the greatest and best voice actors of our time: Angelo MaggiActors and voices of world stars like Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr., Jackie Chan and many others. The professional performed in the majestic Sala PetrassiAuditorium of the “Ennio Morricone” music park. of Rome with its historical theater performance “The double actor, the voice beyond the darkness”.

Full of masterful interpretations, advice for aspiring voice actors and the unexpected intervention of a girl in the audience, the event immersed us in a world often underestimated by today's media, that of dubbing. The voice actor is not half an actor: The voice actor is a dual actorable to cling to the character he plays without ever leaving it, exciting and heartbreaking through the power of his voice alone. Angelo Maggi presents his new one Book, “The Chameleon: The Voice Beyond the Darkness”available in all bookstores and online.

Angelo Maggi

We also talked about it during the festival Metaverse And Tell storieshere is theArticle around.

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